Experience JEE Using Rational Application Developer V7.5

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Updated 27 July 2010

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ISBN-10: 0738434388
ISBN-13: 9780738434384
IBM Form #: SG24-7827-00
(658 pages)

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Authors: Charles P Brown, Rafael Coutinho


(Note that this book is available in softcopy only.)

This IBM® Redbooks® publication is a hands-on guide to developing a comprehensive Java™ EE application using Rational® Application Developer V7.5 and the embedded WebSphere® Application Server V7.0 test environment, including items such as core functions, security, Web services, and messaging.

Novice users are thus able to experience Java EE, and advance from theoretical knowledge gained by reading introductory material to practical knowledge gained by implementing a real-life application.

Experience is one stage in gaining and applying knowledge, but there are additional stages needed to complete the knowledge acquisition cycle. This book also helps in those stages:

- Before experiencing Java EE, you about the base specifications and intellectual knowledge of Java EE through brief descriptions of the theory and through links to other information sources.

- After experiencing Java EE, you advanced Java EE through previews of advanced topics and links to other information sources.

The target audience is technical users who have minimal experience with Java EE and the IBM WebSphere Application Server product set, but who do have past experience in using an integrated development environment (IDE) and in architecting or designing enterprise applications.

Table of contents

Part 1. Preliminary activities
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Install and configure software
Chapter 3. Configure the development environment
Chapter 4. Prepare the legacy application
Part 2. Core Java EE application
Chapter 5. Create the JPA entities
Chapter 6. Create the entity facade session beans
Chapter 7. Create the Donate session bean for the business logic
Chapter 8. Create the Web front end
Chapter 9. Create the application client
Chapter 10. Implement core security
Part 3. Web services
Chapter 11. Create the Web service
Chapter 12. Implement security for the Web service
Part 4. Messaging
Chapter 13. Create the message-driven bean
Chapter 14. Add publication of results
Chapter 15. Implement security for messaging
Part 5. Advanced Java EE 5 and Web 2.0
Chapter 16. Develop a Web 2.0 client
Appendix A. Jump start
Appendix B. Additional material

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