IBM DS8870 Copy Services for Open Systems

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In today’s highly competitive and real-time environment, the ability to manage all IT operations on a continuous basis makes the creation of copies and backups of data a core requirement for any IT deployment. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide proactive efficient disaster recovery strategies that can ensure continuous data availability for business operations. The Copy Services functions available with the IBM® DS8870 are part of these strategies.

This IBM Redbooks® publication helps you plan, install, configure, and manage the Copy Services functions of the DS8000 when they are used in Open System and IBM i environments. This book provides the details necessary to implement and control each of the Copy Services functions. Numerous examples illustrate how to use the various interfaces with each of the Copy Services.

This book also covers the 3-site Metro/Global Mirror with Incremental Resync feature and introduces the IBM Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center for Replication solution.

This book should be read with the IBM DS8870 Architecture and Implementation, SG24-8085. There is also a companion book, IBM DS8870 Copy Services for IBM System z®, SG24-6787, which supports the configuration of the Copy Services functions in IBM z/OS® environments.

Table of contents

Part 1. Overview
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Copy Services architecture
Chapter 3. Licensing
Part 2. Interfaces
Chapter 4. Copy Services interfaces overview
Chapter 5. DS8870 Storage Management GUI
Chapter 6. DS Command-Line Interface
Part 3. FlashCopy
Chapter 7. FlashCopy overview
Chapter 8. FlashCopy options
Chapter 9. FlashCopy interfaces
Chapter 10. IBM FlashCopy SE
Chapter 11. Remote Pair FlashCopy
Chapter 12. FlashCopy performance
Chapter 13. FlashCopy examples
Part 4. Metro Mirror
Chapter 14. Metro Mirror overview
Chapter 15. Metro Mirror operation and configuration
Chapter 16. Metro Mirror implementation considerations
Chapter 17. Metro Mirror interfaces and examples
Part 5. Global Copy
Chapter 18. Global Copy overview
Chapter 19. Global Copy options and configuration
Chapter 20. Global Copy interfaces
Chapter 21. Global Copy examples
Chapter 22. Global Copy performance and scalability
Part 6. Global Mirror
Chapter 23. Global Mirror overview
Chapter 24. Global Mirror options and configuration
Chapter 25. Global Mirror interfaces
Chapter 26. Global Mirror performance and scalability
Chapter 27. Global Mirror examples
Part 7. Metro/Global Mirror (MGM)
Chapter 28. Metro/Global Mirror overview
Chapter 29. Metro/Global Mirror configuration and setup
Chapter 30. General Metro/Global Mirror operations
Chapter 31. Metro/Global Mirror recovery scenarios
Chapter 32. Metro/Global Mirror disaster recovery test scenarios
Chapter 33. Metro/Global Mirror incremental resynchronization
Chapter 34. Metro/Global Copy Incremental Resync
Part 8. Thin provisioning and Copy Services
Chapter 35. Thin provisioning overview
Chapter 36. Thin provisioning and Copy Services considerations
Part 9. Copy Services with IBM i
Chapter 37. IBM i overview
Chapter 38. IBM i options
Chapter 39. IBM i implementation
Chapter 40. IBM i examples
Part 10. Solutions
Chapter 41. Multi-site replication scenarios
Chapter 42. VMware Site Recovery Manager
Chapter 43. IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication
Chapter 44. Geographically Dispersed Open Clusters
Appendix A. SNMP notifications
Appendix B. Resource Groups


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