IBM Network Station Manager V2R1

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This IBM Redbooks publication is intended to serve as a complete guide for implementing the IBM Network Station functions. It offers a detailed description of the functions (both old and new) that are available with IBM Network Station Manager V2R1. It even highlights the differences from the previous version. Designed for the advanced user, this book is intended to supplement the product documentation for those that want a clearer view of how the IBM Network Station Manager is structured. It contains many helpful hints and techniques for advanced setup.

In addition, this book:

- Shows how to design the Network Station environment, including the separation and location of server functions
- Details how to configure the servers and how to use the IBM Network Station Manager to configure the Network Station clients
- Provides detailed information on the DHCP server functions
- Includes information on Windows Terminal Server Edition and MetaFrame setup, with examples

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Network Station Manager V2R1
Chapter 2. Network Station architecture
Chapter 3. Planning and design issues and choices
Chapter 4. Installation and server setup
Chapter 5. Boot and login process
Chapter 6. Flash card management
Chapter 7. NC desktop
Chapter 8. Network Station Manager
Chapter 9. Coexistence of V1R3 and V2R1 IBM NSM
Chapter 10. Migration from V1R3 to V2R1 of NSM
Chapter 11. Java environment
Chapter 12. Netscape Communicator 4.5
Chapter 13. Emulators
Chapter 14. Windows application access (ICA)
Chapter 15. Accessing Lotus Domino from the Network Station
Chapter 16. Kiosk mode
Chapter 17. Printing
Chapter 18. Problem determination hints and tips
Chapter 19. Network Station as a Windows-based terminal
Appendix A. File names and paths
Appendix B. Native application commands
Appendix C. UNIX commands
Appendix D. User verses administrator configurable settings
Appendix E. Keyboard shortcuts
Appendix F. Boot monitor service aid menu
Appendix G. Differences between NSM V1R3 and V2R1
Appendix H. NCP-MIB Version 1 definition file
Appendix I. V2R1 memory requirements and network load
Appendix J. Migration details
Appendix K. ICA error messages

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Publish Date
14 April 2000

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