Building iSeries Applications for WebSphere Advanced Edition 3.5

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The WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition is the first member of the WebSphere Application Server family to bring a true Java-based IBM Enterprise Application environment to the iSeries server. It enables you to use Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technologies to develop and deploy enterprise-wide applications.

EJB technology provides a component model for server applications. It allows you to easily separate user interfaces from business logic. The server-side business logic is packaged as EJB components. Once they are written and deployed on a server, such as the iSeries, client programmers can use them with very little knowledge of how the beans actually work. The client programmer only needs to know which methods the EJB support and how to call them. Another key advantage is that, whether you are writing a Java application, a Java servlet, or even a Visual Basic program, it always works the same. You only need to call the methods provided by the EJB to handle the application processing.

This IBM Redbooks publication shows you how to use your iSeries server as a Java server. It is written for anyone who wants to use Java servlets, JavaServer Pages, and specifically EJBs, on the iSeries server. This book focuses on building and deploying Enterprise JavaBeans and using them to access iSeries resources. It provides many practical programming examples with detailed explanations of how they work. You can start using EJBs on your iSeries server today.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. WebSphere Advanced Edition for iSeries
Chapter 2. iSeries WebSphere servlet and JSP development
Chapter 3. Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans
Chapter 4. Overview of the Order Entry application
Chapter 5. iSeries EJB application development scenario
Chapter 6. Entity beans
Chapter 7. Developing EJBs with VisualAge for Java
Chapter 8. Building Java applications with Enterprise JavaBeans
Chapter 9. Transactions
Chapter 10. Interfacing to legacy applications
Chapter 11. Moving to e-business
Chapter 12. Debugging and troubleshooting
Chapter 13. Security
Appendix A. Additional material


Publish Date
12 June 2001

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