Web Enabling AS/400 Applications with IBM WebSphere Studio

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In the past two decades, the way the world does business has changed dramatically. The Internet has played a crucial role in this development. A business without some kind of presence on the Internet today would be a rare occurrence. Historically, Web sites were static but, in the past few years, interest in taking advantage of the ability to provide interactive contents has increased dramatically. This IBM Redbooks publication explores some of the tools and techniques that can be used to bring the contents of an existing AS/400 application to the Web. The vehicle used to accomplish these tasks is the IBM WebSphere Application Server Standard Edition 2.0, which ships as part of OS/400. The tools suite used in this book includes the IBM WebSphere Studio 3.0 and the AS/400 Java Toolbox.

You learn how to create Web-based applications that not only interact with traditional DB2/400 databases, but also with RPG programs and other AS/400 specific features. Prior to reading this book, you should be familiar with the Java programming language, Web Technologies (HTML, browsers), and Web servers.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to the IBM WebSphere family
Chapter 2. Installation and configuration
Chapter 3. WebSphere Studio tools
Chapter 4. Restoring the ABC Company Web site sample project
Chapter 5. Order Entry application
Chapter 6. Enabling the Order Entry application: Methodology
Chapter 7. ABC Company Web site design and development
Chapter 8. Creating the complete ABC Company Web site
Appendix A. Example programs

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12 April 2000

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