Data Accelerator for AI and Analytics

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Updated 09 November 2020

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IBM Form #: REDP-5623-00

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Authors: Simon Lorenz, Gero Schmidt, Tj Harris, Mike Knieriemen, Nils Haustein, Abhishek Dave, Venkateswara Puvvada, Christof Westhues


This IBM® Redpaper focuses on the need of Data Orchestration in enterprise data pipelines. It provides details about data orchestration and how to address typical challenges that customers face when dealing with large and ever-growing amounts of data for data analytics. While the amount of data increases steadily AI workloads need to speed up in order to be able to deliver insights and business value in a timely manner.

This paper provides a solution that addresses these needs: Data Accelerator for AI and Analytics. A proof of concept is described in detail.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Data orchestration in enterprise data pipelines
Chapter 2. Data Accelerator for AI and Analytics supporting Data Orchestration
Chapter 3. Data Accelerator for AI and Analytics Use Cases
Chapter 4. Planning for Data Accelerator for AI and Analytics
Chapter 5. Deployment Considerations for Data Accelerator for AI and Analytics
Appendix A. Code Samples

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