IBM FlashSystem A9000R Product Guide (Version 12.3)

A draft IBM Redbooks Product Guide

Updated 19 November 2018

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IBM Form #: REDP-5475-01
(40 pages)

Authors: Bert Dufrasne, Stephen Solewin, Francesco Anderloni, Roger Eriksson, Lisa Martinez


This IBM® Redbooks® Product Guide is an overview of the main characteristics, features, and technology that are used in IBM FlashSystem® A9000R Model 415 and Model 425, with IBM FlashSystem A9000R Software V12.3.

IBM FlashSystem A9000R is a grid-scale, all-flash storage platform designed for industry leaders with rapidly growing cloud storage and mixed workload environments to help drive your business into the cognitive era. FlashSystem A9000R provides consistent, extreme performance for dynamic data at scale, integrating the microsecond latency and high availability of IBM FlashCore® technology. The rack-based offering comes integrated with the world class software features that are built with IBM Spectrum™ Accelerate. For example, comprehensive data reduction, including inline pattern removal, data deduplication, and compression, helps lower total cost of ownership (TCO) while the grid architecture and IBM Hyper-Scale framework simplify and automate storage administration.

Ready for the cloud and well-suited for large deployments, FlashSystem A9000R delivers predictable high performance and ultra-low latency, even under heavy workloads with full data reduction enabled. As a result, the grid-scale architecture maintains this performance by automatically self-optimizing workloads across all storage resources without manual intervention.

Table of contents

Product highlights
Hardware architecture
Flash enclosure
IBM FlashSystem A9000R scalability
Product physical specifications (Model 425/U25)
Scale out with IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility
Reliability, availability, and serviceability
IBM FlashCore and 2D RAID technology
Logical architecture and functions
Storage management user interface
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