LDAP Authentication for IBM DS8000 Systems (Updated for Release 9.1.1)

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Updated 17 December 2020

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IBM Form #: REDP-5460-01

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Authors: Bjoern Wesselbaum, Claudio Di Celio, Bert Dufrasne, Connie Riggins, Alex Warmuth


The IBM® DS8000® series includes the option to replace the locally based user ID and password authentication with a centralized directory-based approach.

This IBM Redpaper publication helps DS8000 storage administrators understand the concepts and benefits of a centralized directory. It provides the information that is required for implementing a DS8000 authentication mechanism that is based on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Starting with DS8000 Release 9.1 code, a simpler, native LDAP authentication method is supported along with the former implementation that relies on IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) acting as a proxy between the DS8000 and external LDAP servers.

Note that examples and operations shown in this Redpaper refer to the DS8000 R9.1 SP1, code release bundle

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