Row and Column Access Support in DB2 for IBM i

A draft IBM Redpaper publication

Row and Column Access Control support in DB2 for IBM i


This IBM Redpaper publication provides information about the IBM i 7.2 feature of DB2 for i Row and Column Access Control (RCAC). It offers a broad description of the function and advantages of controlling access to data in a comprehensive and transparent way. This publication helps you understand the capabilities of RCAC and provides examples of defining, creating, and implementing the row permissions and column masks in a relational database environment.

This paper is intended for database engineers, data centric application developers, and security officers who want to design and implement RCAC as a part of their data control and governance policy. A solid background in IBM i object level security, DB2 for i relational database concepts and SQL is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Securing and protecting DB2 data
Chapter 2. Roles and separation of duties
Chapter 3. Row and column access control
Chapter 4. Implementing RCAC using a banking example
Chapter 5. RCAC and non-SQL interfaces
Chapter 6. Additional considerations
Chapter 7. RCAC management
Chapter 8. Designing and planning for success


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29 August 2014

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