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The IBM® Predictive Maintenance and Quality solution helps you monitor, analyze, and report on information gathered from devices and recommend maintenance activities regarding those devices. With this integrated solution, you can predict the failure of assets, determine the best repair procedures, and identify the root causes of asset failure.

This IBM Redpaper™ publication provides a technical overview of the IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality solution. It starts by identifying what predictive maintenance and quality is, and demonstrates how it can be applied to a business scenario.

The Redpaper then describes the architecture of the Predictive Maintenance and Quality solution, and provides chapters dedicated to each component of the solution. This includes a chapter about master data loading with IBM Master Data Management. Event mapping with IBM WebSphere® Message Broker is described in another chapter. Predictive analytics using the IBM SPSS® suite forms the basis of another chapter, along with dedicated chapters for reporting with IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence and actioning with IBM Maximo® Asset Management. The paper concludes with a collection of leading practices.

This publication is of interest to anyone who wants to understand the power of predictive maintenance and quality solutions, and specifically wants to understand the IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality solution.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Business scenario
Chapter 3. Predictive Maintenance and Quality architecture
Chapter 4. Master data loading
Chapter 5. Event mapping and processing
Chapter 6. Predictive analytics
Chapter 7. Reporting
Chapter 8. Actioning
Chapter 9. Leading practices for predictive maintenance


Publish Date
17 September 2013

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