System Integrators Guide: Integration into Service Provider Scenarios

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Updated 23 November 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-3922-00

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Authors: James Chamberlain, David Quenzler, Shunguo Yan, Alexandra Thomas, Ruddy Kurniawan


This IBM Redpaper helps you plan, implement, and perform intra-family integration with a family of offerings that implement a subset of the IBM Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE), which is a reference architecture that defines a consistent delivery and management platform for services, applications, and content across multiple access networks and devices.

Service providers can choose to implement and integrate all or parts of SPDE with their existing platforms. The information in this redpaper contains examples and scenarios showing ways to integrate the family of offerings, which include WebSphere Everyplace Subscription Manager and WebSphere Everyplace Device Manager.

A basic knowledge of wireless, networking, portal, and web technologies is assumed.

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