WebSphere Application Server - Express V5.0 for iSeries

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WebSphere Application Server - Express for iSeries offers a productive development, deployment, and administrative environment for supporting dynamic Web sites. With smaller budgets and limited IT resources, you face special challenges in getting started in e-business. WebSphere Application Server - Express for iSeries delivers broad server functionality with a lower, upfront investment. Think of it as your low-risk, affordable entry to e-business.

WebSphere Application Server - Express for iSeries provides tight integration with the iSeries HTTP server through an easy-to-use Web-based GUI. It uses wizards for easy configuration of multiple application servers and deployment of applications, as well as HTTP servers and access to iSeries databases.

This IBM Whitepaper Redpaper IBM Redbooks publication helps you to install, tailor, and configure the new WebSphere Application Server - Express for iSeries. It also covers the business application, IBM Telephone Directory (ITD), in great detail.

This Redpaper is intended to help both developers who design applications for the product and users who install and run applications.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Implementation overview
Chapter 2. Installing WebSphere Application Server - Express for iSeries
Chapter 3. Managing Application Server - Express
Chapter 4. IBM Telephone Directory
Chapter 5. System administration and operation
Chapter 6. Using the Express Administrative Console
Chapter 7. Security
Chapter 8. Migrating to WebSphere Express
Appendix A. WebSphere primer
Appendix B. Miscellaneous information
Appendix C. Questions and answers

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Publish Date
21 February 2003

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