What's New in 2000 for AS/400e Internal Storage

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Internal storage is easy to use and manage, requires minimum
floor space, and is highly scalable. Advanced features keep cost
down and performance up. Enhanced in May of 2000,
advancements in IBM internal storage provide iSeries disk
subsystem improvements that can dramatically improve iSeries
and AS/400e system and disk subsystem performance, capacity,
and reliability.

This redpaper provides a technical and marketing view of the
benefits of IBM internal storage to your iSeries 400 when

Table of contents

* 10,000 RPM 8.58 GB Disk Unit
* #2748 PCI RAID Disk Controller
* 1.6 GB Read Cache Device
* #5065 Storage/PCI Expansion Tower
* Extended Adaptive Cache Simulator

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Publish Date
01 October 1999

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