1.5.6 zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension

The zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension Model 002 (zBX) is available as an option with the z196 and z114 systems and consists of the following:

Up to four IBM Enterprise racks
Up to eight BladeCenter1 chassis (two per rack), with up to 14 blades2 each
Select IBM blades, up to 112
Two Top the Rack (TOR) 1000BASE-T switches for the intranode management network (INMN)

The INMN provides connectivity for management purposes between the zEnterprise CPC's SE and zBX.

Two TOR 10 GbE switches for the intraensemble data network (IEDN)

The IEDN is used for data paths between the zEnterprise CPCs and the zBX, and the other ensemble members.

8 Gbps Fibre Channel switch modules for connectivity to an SAN
Power distribution units (PDUs) and cooling fans

The zBX is configured with redundant components to provide qualities of service similar to that of System z, such as firmware management and the capability for concurrent upgrades and repairs.

The zBX provides a foundation for the future. Based on IBM judgement of the market's needs, additional specialized or general-purpose blades might be introduced3.

IBM blades

IBM offers a selected set of IBM blades that can be installed and operated on the zBX. These blades have been tested to ensure compatibility and manageability in the zEnterprise CPC environment. The following blades are available:

Select IBM POWER7 PS701 Express blades
Select IBM System x blades (HX5 7873 dual-socket 16-core)
DataPower XI50z blades (double-width)
Blades for the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer solution offering

The POWER7 blades offer a virtualized environment through the PowerVM Enterprise Edition hypervisor. The virtual servers run the AIX operating system. The System x blades have an integrated hypervisor using Kernel-based virtual machines, which provides a virtualized environment and runs the Linux operating system.

Statement of General Direction: In the future, IBM intends to offer select IBM System x blades running Microsoft Windows in the IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension Model 002.

IBM DataPower X150z integration appliance

The IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI50 for zEnterprise (DataPower XI50z) has been integrated into the zEnterprise infrastructure. DataPower XI50z is a multifunctional appliance that can help provide multiple levels of XML optimization, streamline and secure valuable service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications, and provide drop-in integration for heterogeneous environments by enabling core Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) functionality, including routing, bridging, transformation, and event handling. It can help to simplify, govern, and enhance the network security for XML and web services.

For a more detailed description of the IBM DataPower X150z integration appliance visit:
IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer solution

The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer solution is a defined set of software and hardware that provides a cost-optimized solution for running Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence queries against DB2 for z/OS, with fast and predictable response times, while retaining the data integrity, data management, security, availability, and other qualities of service of the z/OS environment. It exploits special-purpose blades, housed in a zBX.

For a more detailed description of the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer, see 4.9.2, IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer solution.

1The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer solution has a maximum of two zBX racks (B and C) and up to four

1BladeCenter chassis.

2Depending on the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer configuration, this can be either seven or 14 blades for the first

2BladeCenter chassis.

3All statements regarding IBM future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only.

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