2.3 Notes plug-in

At the time of writing this book, the Lotus Notes plug-in for Linux is currently available only as a beta release. We believe it is a very important feature to cover in this book and so include it here.

Usually, the Notes plug-in is used as a replacement of the messaging services provided by Workplace. Although the messaging applications of Workplace Managed Client have some basic Lotus Notes integration, such as mail exchange and calender communication, Lotus Notes offers more, for example, access to Domino-based TeamRooms, Domino discussion groups, and custom-built Notes/Domino applications.

Users of IBM Workplace Managed Client inside a company that uses Lotus Notes need more integration and access to all shared Notes databases. This is the functionality the Notes plug-in provides, embedded into the client framework.

Figure 2-9 shows Workplace Managed Client with the Notes plug-in as a replacement of the internal messaging application.

Figure 2-9 Workplace Managed Client with Notes plug-in

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