Chapter 1. Introduction 7 When to use the iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook client Choose the iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook client if you want to improve the reliability and scalability of your messaging infrastructure, add e-collaboration, and upgrade from Microsoft Exchange to Domino, all without having to change clients. 1.3.4  Domino WebMail The initial goals for Domino WebMail were to give users the ability to access their Notes mail files with a browser and to provide a better user interface. When to use Domino WebMail Domino WebMail would still be a valid option for users who use platforms such as UNIX, Linux, or OS/2, or if your organization is using browsers other than Internet Explorer, such as Netscape Navigator. If you are planning to roll out Domino WebMail because your organization is using Netscape Navigator as the browser client, you might want to wait for the Rnext release (the next major release of Lotus Domino). Support for the Netscape Navigator 4.7 client (on Win32 platforms) for iNotes Web Access is planned for the Rnext release of Lotus Domino. Figure 1-3   A mail file in the Domino WebMail client