Chapter 5. Integration 111 You have the capability to invite other users to participate in an ongoing chat by clicking Invite Others. To leave a chat, just click the Close button and the conversation will be terminated. Figure 5-6   Started Sametime Chat dialog 5.2  Using parts of iNotes Web Access in Web applications It is possible to use parts of the iNotes Web Access mail file in other Web applications. For example, you could have your own portal application, where you would like to see the mail part of the iNotes Web Access, or there could be an application where you need to refer to the calendar part only to check for availability. The URLs identified in Table  5-1 can be used to access specific parts of iNotes Web Access. Table 5-1   Available parts of iNotes Web Access An example of the selective use of iNotes Web Access follows. Page URL (only the end of the URL is shown here) Mail ....nsf/iNotes/Mail/?OpenDocument&ui=portal Calendar ....nsf/iNotes/Calendar/?OpenDocument&ui=portal ToDo ....nsf/iNotes/ToDo/?OpenDocument&ui=portal Contacts ....nsf/iNotes/Contacts/?OpenDocument&ui=portal Notebook ....nsf/iNotes/Notebook/?OpenDocument&ui=portal