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Latest Redpapers

Redpapers are short technical documents that have been written to address a specific topic. They can be the result of ITSO residencies and may also be contributed from other sources. They reflect working experiences on a specific topic.

Note that these documents are only available online. Because these papers are not published through the ITSO’s normal publishing process, the layouts may vary.

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1. Cloud Backup Management with PowerHA SystemMirror
Published on 14 September 2021
2. Securing Data on Threat Detection by Using IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM QRadar: An Enhanced Cyber Resiliency Solution
Published on 13 September 2021
3. IBM DS8000 Encryption for Data at Rest, Transparent Cloud Tiering, and Endpoint Security (DS8000 Release 9.2)
Published on 8 September 2021
4. Integrating Db2 for z/OS Database Changes Into a CI/CD Pipeline
Published on 3 September 2021, last updated September-13-2021
5. IBM DS8000 Safeguarded Copy (Updated for DS8000 R9.2)
Published on 31 August 2021
6. IBM DS8900F Product Guide Release 9.2
Published on 30 August 2021
7. Spectrum Protect Plus: Protecting Red Hat OpenShift Containerized Environments
Published on 27 August 2021, last updated September-1-2021
8. Cyber Resiliency Solution using IBM Spectrum Virtualize
Published on 20 August 2021, Rating: (based on 1 review)
9. Introduction Guide to the IBM Elastic Storage System
Published on 13 August 2021
10. Enhanced Cyber Resilience Threat Detection with IBM FlashSystem Safeguarded Copy and IBM QRadar
Published on 13 August 2021, last updated August-17-2021
11. IBM Spectrum Scale as a Persistent Storage for Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z Quick Installation Guide
Published on 6 August 2021
12. An Implementation of Red Hat OpenShift Network Isolation Using Multiple Ingress Controllers
Published on 28 July 2021
13. SAP HANA Data Management and Performance on IBM Power Systems
Published on 23 July 2021
14. Demystifying Data with AI on IBM Z
Published on 23 July 2021
15. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Protecting Database Applications
Published on 22 July 2021
16. Installing and Configuring IBM Db2 AI for IBM z/OS v1.4.0
Published on 21 July 2021, last updated July-22-2021
17. Best Practices Guide for Databases on IBM FlashSystem
Published on 15 July 2021
18. IBM FlashSystem for VMware vSphere with Tanzu Basic Edition An IBM Validated Solution Guide
Published on 16 June 2021
19. IBM Spectrum Scale Immutability Introduction, Configuration Guidance, and Use Cases
Published on 9 June 2021
20. Storage Multi-tenancy for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform with IBM Storage
Published on 9 June 2021, last updated June-18-2021
21. Four Ways to Transform Your Mainframe for a Hybrid Cloud World
Published on 4 June 2021
22. Business Continuity Orchestration for IBM FlashSystem Hybrid Cloud with Red Hat Ansible V1R2
Published on 4 June 2021
23. SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Backup and Recovery Solutions
Published on 27 May 2021, Rating: (based on 1 review)
24. Modernize SAP Workloads on IBM Power Systems
Published on 19 May 2021
25. Using the IBM Block Storage CSI Driver in a Red Hat OpenShift Environment
Published on 10 May 2021, last updated May-12-2021
26. Innovate at Scale and Deploy with Confidence in a Hybrid Cloud Environment
Published on 10 May 2021
27. IBM FlashSystem 5200 Product Guide
Published on 5 May 2021, last updated August-26-2021, Rating: (based on 1 review)
28. Deploying SAP Software in Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power Systems
Published on 22 April 2021
29. Matrix-Multiply Assist Best Practices Guide
Published on 14 April 2021, last updated April-15-2021
30. High Performant File System Workloads for AI and HPC on AWS using IBM Spectrum Scale
Published on 31 March 2021


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