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1. Microservices from Theory to Practice: Creating Applications in IBM Bluemix Using the Microservices Approach
Redbooks, published 26 Aug 2015, last updated 4 Apr 2016, Rating: (based on 23 reviews)
2. IBM Operational Decision Manager: Enabling the Rule Engine to Augment the Decision Data
Redpapers, published 18 Mar 2016
3. Hybrid Cloud Event Integration: Integrate Your Enterprise and Cloud with Bluemix Integration Services
Redbooks, published 12 Feb 2016, last updated 18 Feb 2016
4. IBM MQ as a Service: A Practical Approach
Redpapers, published 16 Feb 2016
5. Establishing a Secure Hybrid Cloud with the IBM PureApplication Family
Redbooks, published 8 Feb 2016
6. Building Integrated Websites with IBM Digital Experience
Redbooks, published 22 Jan 2016
7. Creating Hybrid Clouds with IBM Bluemix Integration Services
Solution Guide, published 17 Nov 2015, last updated 20 Jan 2016, Rating: (based on 1 review)
8. Secure Hybrid Cloud Architecture with the PureApplication Family
Solution Guide, published 4 Dec 2015
9. Integrating IBM PureApplication System into an Existing Data Center
Redbooks, published 19 Nov 2015
10. Enabling IBM MQ Messaging with the IBM MQ Appliance
Solution Guide, published 9 Nov 2015
11. Integrating the IBM MQ Appliance into your IBM MQ Infrastructure
Redbooks, published 2 Nov 2015, last updated 9 Nov 2015, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)
12. Using Liberty for DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Deployment
Redbooks, published 6 Nov 2015
13. IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Administration and Configuration Guide for Liberty Profile
Redbooks, published 26 Oct 2015, Rating: (based on 3 reviews)
14. Liberty in a DevOps Continuous Delivery Environment
Solution Guide, published 14 Oct 2015, Rating: (based on 1 review)
15. IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile Guide for Developers
Redbooks, published 30 Jul 2015, last updated 9 Sep 2015
16. Creating Applications in Bluemix Using the Microservices Approach
Solution Guide, published 8 Sep 2015
17. Integrating an IBM PureApplication Environment
Solution Guide, published 2 Sep 2015
18. Configuring and Deploying Open Source with IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile
Redbooks, published 21 Jul 2015
19. IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality 2.0 Technical Overview
Redpapers, published 29 Jun 2015
20. Flexible Decision Management with Business Rules on IBM z Systems
Redbooks, published 26 Jun 2015

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