IBM Redbooks Solution Guides and Product Guides

IBM Redbooks Solution Guides and Product Guides

Readers of IBM Redbooks publications are familiar with the variety of Redbooks offerings, from Redguides to Redpapers to full length Redbooks, each structured and written to meet the specific needs of our readers. Now, readers have two more exciting options: IBM Redbooks Products Guides and IBM Redbooks Solution Guides.

The guides help readers learn about and make purchasing decisions on IBM and IBM Business Partner technology, and help readers in technical job roles understand how to leverage the offerings in the extensive IBM portfolio.

For 45 years, the IBM Redbooks organization has developed technical publications that typically provide product positioning and installation and implementation experiences. To respond to the evolving needs of our readers, we have developed Product Guides and Solution Guides to focus on providing the "just in time" technical information needed to understand offerings and make decisions, rather than "how to" information.

Product Guides focus on a single IBM product, providing features, specifications, and complete compatibility information. Solution Guides describe how a combination of products forms a solution, or the “use case” for a component of a single product.

The guides range in length from 10 to 40 pages. Product Guides are structured into standard sections such as "Did you know?", "Part number information", "Features", and "Specifications", while Solution Guides include sections such as "Business value", "Solution architecture", "Scenarios of use", and "Ordering information". Both guides are offered in convenient HTML and PDF formats.

Almost 200 Product Guides and Solution Guides are currently available. They are among the latest offerings from IBM Redbooks, which recently expanded its offerings to include video interviews, tutorials, and 3-minute Redbooks overviews; blogging on IBM blogs; and Point-of-View publications, which are brief, strategy-oriented documents that represent an IBM subject matter expert's perspective on a particular technical topic.

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