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Announcing IBM POWER7

  • Get insights up to 50 times faster with systems designed for big data
  • Achieve better economics for scale-out data and cloud infrastructures
  • Open innovation that revolutionizes the way IT is created and consumed

Powerful forces are changing how business gets done. Big data and analytics, cloud, and mobile are providing unprecedented opportunities to uncover insights, drive efficiencies, and reach clients.

Now, IBM has introduced a new generation of systems with the open innovation of the POWER8 processor and architecture to handle bigger data demands in the cloud — delivering faster insights and an expanded Linux-based open server ecosystem.

The new E880 and E870 POWER8 processor-based systems are designed from the ground up for Big Data and Analytics engineered with IBM enterprise reliability and the latest power saving technologies all while fitting in an industry standard 19" rack.

Features include:
  • POWER8 8-core symmetric processors supporting 8 threads per core for up to 128 cores
  • Up to 4 CECs supported on the E880 server interconnected with new flexible cables
  • Industry standard PCIe Gen3 I/O Hot-Plug adapter slots
  • A a separate enclosure providing dual power, clocks, and other features harden the system in any CEC drawer combination
  • Peak memory speeds up to %300 faster than POWER7+ systems

The new S824L server with NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU) is the first Power Systems server designed to accommodate high-wattage adapters such as NVIDIA GPUs. This offering delivers a new class of technology that maximizes performance and efficiency for scientific, engineering, Java, big data analytics, and other technical computing workloads

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