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12 April 2016 marks the fifth major announcement for IBM Power Systems Servers since the first POWER8 introduction. Both hardware and software offerings help you grow and manage your enterprise. Explore the following IBM Redbooks materials and residencies to find out how you can learn, adopt, and deploy the latest IBM Power Systems technology.

IBM Power Systems servers and Mellanox switches

The IBM Power System E850 server now supports twice the memory for up to 4 TB with a 4-socket system. Along with this, new more affordable SSD features bring the speed of solid state drives within your IT budget and new adapters offer improved options to connect to your infrastructure including super fast NVMe flash adapters that outperform SSD:

The following papers have been updated to reflect the latest more affordable SSD and NVMe flash adapter features as well as the latest SAS RAID, Fiber Channel, and Ethernet adapter features.

The S812LC now supports a new Infiniband adapter, read more in the following updated Redpaper

New EDR InfiniBand Switches made by Mellanox will be part of the following residency, and look for a new deliverable "Implementing an IBM High Performance Computing (HPC) Solution on IBM POWER8" SG24-8280 available soon.

IBM Power Systems software

The IBM Power Systems brand announced a series of updated operating system and management software, see how you can be part of this new technology through participating in our residency program. These projects will explore the latest new features and updates.

IBM i 7.3

IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager including Novalink

IBM PowerVM virtualization enhancement including vNIC and HMC updates:

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