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Announcing IBM POWER7

  • Get insights up to 50 times faster with systems designed for big data
  • Achieve better economics for scale-out data and cloud infrastructures
  • Open innovation that revolutionizes the way IT is created and consumed

Powerful forces are changing how business gets done. Big data and analytics, cloud, and mobile are providing unprecedented opportunities to uncover insights, drive efficiencies, and reach clients.

Now, IBM has introduced a new generation of systems with the open innovation of the POWER8 processor and architecture to handle bigger data demands in the cloud — delivering faster insights and an expanded Linux-based open server ecosystem.

New Power System servers:

Built on industry standards and incorporating community innovation from the OpenPOWER Foundation, the IBM Power System S822LC (8335-GCA and 8335-GTA) computing servers use the latest POWER8 processor technology and are optimized for Linux to help deliver new solutions and services faster, with higher quality.

The IBM Power System S822LC server is orderable in two different models:

  1. Power S822LC model 8335-GTA with two NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPU)
    This offering delivers a new class of technology that maximizes performance and efficiency for scientific, engineering, Java, big data analytics, and other technical computing workloads simultaneously increasing workload density and reducing data center floorspace.
  2. Power S822L C model 8335-GCA without a NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU)
    The Power S822LC commercial computing server is designed to deliver superior performance and throughput for cloud and business-critical applications with the only open standards-based system that guarantees system utilization to achieve superior cloud economics.

The Power System S812LC server with POWER8 processors is optimized for data and Linux. It improves managing Hadoop and Spark workloads, with a system optimized for efficiency and designed for big data, and delivers superior performance and throughput for high-value Linux workloads such as industry applications, open source, and LAMP.

Next generation PurePower server offering

A PurePower System can be configured in an affordable entry-level configuration in a single rack, and is agile enough to be expanded for scalable cloud deployments. A PurePower System has built-in redundancy for highly reliable and resilient operation to support demanding applications and cloud services required by many enterprises. A PurePower System also provides the scalability, flexibility and versatility that you demand for business-critical workloads.

New in this release:

  • IBM i support
  • Improvements made to PurePower Integrated Manager
  • Integration of HMC code (virtual HMC) into the PurePower Integrated Manager
  • Ability to order translated PurePower documentation which is geography specific
  • Configuration support for IBM Power System S822 and S822L server in a single rack
  • PowerVC 1.2.3 Standard Edition

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