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Business Partner Redguide Program

IBM Business Partners: Reach prime customers with an IBM Business Partner Redguide

Create an IBM Redguide publication, featuring your solution and how it solves challenges and provides unique business value. Qualified IBM Business Partners will receive a template, writing guidance to get started, and help with the publication process.

IBM will then publish the Redguide on the Redbooks web site, where it will potentially reach millions of visitors and prospective customers.

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IBM Redbooks Sponsorship Promotion

IBM Business Partners: Promote your business in an IBM Redbooks publication

Place a sponsorship promotion in an IBM Redbooks publication, featuring your business or solution with a link to your web site. Qualified IBM Business Partners may place a full page promotion in the most popular online Redbooks publications. Imagine the power of being seen by readers who download over 13 million Redbooks publications a year!

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