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Mobile App now available!

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Get more IBM resources at your fingertips! The newest version of the official IBM Redbooks mobile app now includes IBM offering information and the latest from IBM Press books, PartnerWorld, Watson, and more. Available for iOS and Android devices.

From classic books and papers to new Solution Guides and Product Guides, Point-of-View publications, blogs, and videos, the Redbooks brand provides what you need, when and where you need it, for end-to-end technical enablement. And now you can access all of this content in one mobile app on your iOS or Android devices.

What's New in v1.5

The new version of the official IBM Redbooks mobile app includes a notification system that sends notifications of new Redbooks content tailored to your interests. To enable this functionality:

  • On the main menu, press the gears icon
  • Select areas of interest
  • Optional Do Not Disturb to disable notifications during a given time period
  • Upon receiving an alert, you will be brought to an Inbox screen of content for review or deletion.
Get it now

We recommend that you install the IBM Redbooks mobile application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

If you cannot access the Google Play Store you can download this standalone installer for Android. For Apple iOS there is no option to install outside the store.

App features
  • Access IBM Global Announcement letters and Global Sales Manuals to get detailed technical and sales information on IBM products and services
  • Link to IBM Press books, IBM PartnerWorld, IBM Watson, and IBM Academy of Technology for the latest news and resources from these groups
  • Read thousands of Redbooks publications, from classic Redbooks to the latest Solution Guides, Product Guides, Redguides, and more
  • Find Redbooks publications by those most recently published or updated, most popular, subject area, or publication type
  • Search within publications and create bookmarks, save your favorite publications and organize them in convenient, customizable folders
  • Share what you’re reading through Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • Get the latest news from Redbooks, including announcements and listings of new residencies and workshops
  • Connect with Redbooks through social channels, from Facebook to Twitter and more
  • Link to the latest Redbooks blog posts and videos

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