Additional materials

For use with IBM Redbooks

The directories on our FTP SERVER contain additional materials such as code samples for specific Redbooks. If there is additional media, such as a CD-ROM included with the hardcopy book it should be located in the directory with the same name as the IBM Redbooks form number (SG24xxxx). Just click the specific directory and you will find the text or binary files. Normally they are zipped to make file transfer faster and more reliable.

If your browser does not properly recognize the file extension, it may try to display the file rather than present a download window. If this happens, right click the file and select "SAVE LINK AS" or "SAVE TARGET AS", and your browser's normal download window will be presented.

Note: If you are having problems accessing additional materials, your computer may be behind a firewall in which case you must use "passive FTP mode." To enable passive FTP in Internet Explorer, make sure the Tools=>Internet Options=>Advanced=>"Use Web-based FTP" or "Use passive FTP..." option is checked. Please note that the filenames and directories are case sensitive. Another problem is with older versions of Firefox which appear to add a blank to the beginning of the filename you are trying to download so the file appears not found. The solution is to upgrade to Firefox R6 or try a different browser.