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IBM Power System E850 Technical Overview and Introduction
Power Systems

Redpaper, published 17 Jun 2015, last updated 25 Apr 2017

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication is a comprehensive guide covering the IBM Power System E850 (8408-E8E) server that supports IBM AIX®, and Linux operating systems. The objective of this paper is to introduce the major innovative Power E850 offerings and their relevant functions:
- The new IBM POWER8™ processor, available at frequencies of 3.02 GHz, 3.35 GHz, and 3.72 GHz
- Significantly strengthened cores and larger caches
- Two integrated memory controllers with improved latency and bandwidth
- Integrated I/O subsystem and hot-pluggable PCIe Gen3 I/O slots
- I/O ... [more]

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IBM Power System S822LC for Big Data: Technical Overview and Introduction
Power Systems

Redpaper, published 6 Dec 2016, last updated 24 Apr 2017

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication is a comprehensive guide that covers the IBM Power System S822LC for Big Data (8001-22C) server that uses the latest IBM POWER8® processor technology and supports Linux operating systems (OSs). The objective of this paper is to introduce the Power S822LC for Big Data offerings and their relevant functions as related to targeted application workloads. The new Linux scale-out systems provide differentiated performance, scalability, and low acquisition cost, including:
- Consolidated server footprint with up to 66% more virtual machines (VMs) per ... [more]

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Oracle on LinuxONE

Redbooks, published 18 Apr 2017, last updated 22 Apr 2017

Oracle Database 12c Release 1 running on Linux is available for deployment on IBM® LinuxONE. The enterprise-grade Linux on LinuxONE solution is designed to add value to Oracle Database solutions, including the new functions that are introduced in Oracle Database 12c. In this IBM Redbooks® publication, we explore the IBM and Oracle Alliance and describe how Oracle Database benefits from LinuxONE. We then explain how to set up Linux guests to install Oracle Database 12c. We also describe how to use the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Agent to manage Oracle Database 12c Release 1. We ... [more]

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POWER8 High-performance Computing Guide IBM Power System S822LC (8335-GTB) Edition
Power Systems

Draft Redbooks, last updated 18 Apr 2017

This IBM Redbooks publication documents and addresses topics to provide step by step customizable application and programming solutions to tune application and workloads to exploit IBM Power Systems hardware architecture. This publication explores, tests, and documents the solution looking to take advantage of leverage the architectural technologies and the software solutions available from IBM to help solve challenging technical and business problems. This publication demonstrates and documents that the combination of IBM high performance computing (HPC) solutions (hardware and software) ... [more]

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IBM GDPS Family: An introduction to Concepts and Capabilities
z Systems

Redbooks, published 17 Apr 2017

This IBM® Redbooks® publication presents an overview of the IBM Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex™ (IBM GDPS®) offerings and the roles they play in delivering a business IT resilience solution. The book begins with general concepts of business IT resilience and disaster recovery, along with issues related to high application availability, data integrity, and performance. These topics are considered within the framework of government regulation, increasing application and infrastructure complexity, and the competitive and rapidly changing modern business environment. Next, it ... [more]

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