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Introducing and Implementing IBM FlashSystem V9000
Flash storage

Redbooks, published 28 Dec 2016

The success or failure of businesses often depends on how well organizations use their data assets for competitive advantage. Deeper insights from data require better information technology. As organizations modernize their IT infrastructure to boost innovation rather than limit it, they need a data storage system that can keep pace with highly virtualized environments, cloud computing, mobile and social systems of engagement, and in-depth, real-time analytics. Making the correct decision on storage investment is critical. Organizations must have enough storage performance and agility to ... [more]

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Data-at-rest Encryption for the IBM Spectrum Accelerate Family: IBM XIV and IBM FlashSystem A9000 and IBM FlashSystem A9000R
Disk storage

Redpapers, published 28 Dec 2016

With the ever-growing landscape of national, state, and local regulations, industry requirements, and increased security threats, ensuring the protection of an organization’s information is a key part of operating a successful business. Encrypting data-at-rest is a key element when addressing these concerns. Most storage products offer encryption at an additional cost. IBM® XIV® Storage System, IBM FlashSystem® A9000, and IBM FlashSystem A9000R systems provide data-at-rest encryption at no charge. Clients can take advantage of encryption and still benefit from the lower total cost of ... [more]

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IBM MFA V1R1: TouchToken, PassTicket, and Application Bypass Support

Redpapers, published 23 Dec 2016

What is IBM® Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? IBM MFA consists of the following elements: Something that you know, such as a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or a password. Something that you are, such as a finger print or retinal scan. Something that you have, such as a hard token (for example, a key fob or soft token), which is software-based).
This IBM Redpaper™ publication helps you install, customize, and configure IBM MFA for z/OS® V1.1.0. It also provides information that is based on our experience in a controlled ... [more]

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Mainframe from Scratch: Hardware Configuration and z/OS Build
z Systems

Redbooks, published 22 Dec 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you install, customize, and configure an IBM z13® and build z/OS® environments. This book is intended for those readers who are new to the platform and are faced with the task of installing a mainframe for the first time. By the term mainframe in this instance, we refer to the hardware and the system software. The intention is to show you how this installation can be done. Volume 1 shows you how we set up a mainframe and installed z/OS V2R2 and IBM DB2® V11. The starting point is a basic hardware configuration of an IBM z13 and DS8000® as shipped ... [more]

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Introduction to Storage Area Networks
Storage Networking

Redbooks, published 20 Dec 2016, last updated 22 Dec 2016

The superabundance of data that is created by today's businesses is making storage a strategic investment priority for companies of all sizes. As storage takes precedence, the following major initiatives emerge:
- Flatten and converge your network: IBM® takes an open, standards-based approach to implement the latest advances in the flat, converged data center network designs of today. IBM Storage solutions enable clients to deploy a high-speed, low-latency Unified Fabric Architecture.
- Optimize and automate virtualization: Advanced virtualization awareness reduces the cost ... [more]

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Enabling LDAP for IBM FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R with Microsoft Active Directory
Flash storage

Redpapers, published 21 Dec 2016

You can enable user authentication for IBM® FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R for use with Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD). AD is Microsoft Windows implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). The benefits of an LDAP-based centralized user management can be substantial when you consider the size and complexity of the overall IT environment. Maintaining local user credential repositories is straightforward and convenient when you work with only a few users and a few storage systems. However, as the number of users and interconnected systems grows, the ... [more]

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IBM DS8880 Integrated Copy Services Manager and LDAP Client on the HMC
Disk storage

Redpapers, published 9 Aug 2016, last updated 20 Dec 2016

IBM® Copy Services Manager (CSM) is a replication management solution that is based on the IBM Tivoli® Productivity Center for Replication technology. CSM inherits all the Tivoli Productivity Center for Replication capabilities and continues to provide Copy Services solutions for most IBM storage offerings. The IBM DS8880, starting with firmware Release 8.1, Licensed Machine Code (LMC) 8.8.10.xx.xx, includes CSM for the IBM System Storage® DS8000®, which is pre-installed on the Hardware Management Console (HMC). If you ordered the CSM feature code as part of your IBM DS8000 system ... [more]

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IBM Storwize V7000, Spectrum Virtualize, HyperSwap, and VMware Implementation
Disk storage

Redbooks, published 20 Nov 2015, last updated 19 Dec 2016

IBM® Spectrum Virtualize Software Version 7.8 provides software-defined storage capabilities across various platforms, including IBM SAN Volume Controller, IBM Storwize® V7000, Storwize V7000 (Unified), Storwize V5000, Storwize V3700, and Storwize V3500. These offerings help clients reduce the complexities and cost of managing their storage in the following ways:
- Centralizing management of storage volumes to enable administrators to manage storage volumes from a single point
- Improving utilization of storage capacity with virtual volumes to enable businesses to tap into ... [more]

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IBM Spectrum Virtualize and SAN Volume Controller Enhanced Stretched Cluster with VMware
Software Defined Storage

Redbooks, published 27 Oct 2015, last updated 19 Dec 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the IBM storage area network (SAN) and IBM Spectrum™ Virtualize, and SAN Volume Controller Enhanced Stretched Cluster configuration when combined with VMware. It describe guidelines, settings, and implementation steps necessary to achieve a satisfactory implementation. Business continuity and continuous availability of applications are among the top requirements for many organizations today. Advances in virtualization, storage, and networking make enhanced business continuity possible. Information technology solutions can now be designed to manage ... [more]

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IBM Business Process Manager Operations Guide
Application Integration

Redbooks, published 16 Dec 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides operations teams with architectural design patterns and guidelines for the day-to-day challenges that they face when managing their IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) infrastructure. Today, IBM BPM L2 and L3 Support and SWAT teams are constantly advising customers how to deal with the following common challenges:
- Deployment options (on-premises, patterns, cloud, and so on)
- Administration
- DevOps
- Automation
- Performance monitoring and tuning
- Infrastructure management
- Scalability
- High Availability ... [more]

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IBM Power System S822LC for High Performance Computing Introduction and Technical Overview
Power Systems

Redpapers, published 26 Oct 2016, last updated 15 Dec 2016

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication is a comprehensive guide that covers the IBM Power System™ S822LC for High Performance Computing (HPC) server (8335-GTB model). The S822LC for HPC server is designed for high-performance computing applications that support the Linux operating system and high-performance data analytics, the enterprise data center, and accelerated cloud deployments. This paper introduces the major innovative S822LC for HPC server features and their relevant functions:
- Powerful IBM POWER8® processors that offer 16 cores at 3.259 GHz with 3.857 GHz turbo ... [more]

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Tools and Solutions for Modernizing Your IBM i Applications
Power Systems

Redpapers, published 26 Sep 2014, last updated 14 Dec 2016

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication is a companion to the Modernize IBM i Applications from the Database up to the User Interface and Everything in Between, SG24-8185 IBM Redbooks® publication. It describes independent software vendor (ISV) and Business Partner tools that can be used to modernize your IBM i applications. It includes the following types of tools:
- Mobile, web, and client solutions
- Database modernization tools
- Security
- Tools for understanding and modernizing RPG and COBOL ... [more]

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Implementing IBM Spectrum Virtualize software only
Software Defined Storage

Redpapers, published 13 Dec 2016

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication provides a broad understanding of IBM Spectrum™ Virtualize software only and how it fits into to the IBM SAN Volume Control and IBM Storwize® families. It also provides use cases for cloud, Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and Managed Service Provider (MSP) implementations. This publication helps storage and networking administrators install, tailor, and configure IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ software only. It also provides a detailed description of supported hardware and troubleshooting ... [more]

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Modernizing IBM i Applications from the Database up to the User Interface and Everything in Between
Power Systems

Redbooks, published 27 Jun 2014, last updated 13 Dec 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® publication is focused on melding industry preferred practices with the unique needs of the IBM i community and providing a holistic view of modernization. This book covers key trends for application structure, user interface, data access, and the database. Modernization is a broad term when applied to applications. It is more than a single event. It is a sequence of actions. But even more, it is a process of rethinking how to approach the creation and maintenance of applications. There are tangible deliveries when it comes to modernization, the most notable being a ... [more]

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IBM DB2 12 for z/OS Technical Overview
Information Management

Redbooks, published 13 Dec 2016

IBM® DB2® 12 for z/OS® delivers key innovations that increase availability, reliability, scalability, and security for your business-critical information. In addition, DB2 12 for z/OS offers performance and functional improvements for both transactional and analytical workloads and makes installation and migration simpler and faster. DB2 12 for z/OS also allows you to develop applications for the cloud and mobile devices by providing self-provisioning, multitenancy, and self-managing capabilities in an agile development environment. DB2 12 for z/OS is also the first version of DB2 built for ... [more]

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IBM HTTP Server on z/OS: Migrating from Domino-powered to Apache-powered
z Systems

Redpapers, published 31 Oct 2016, last updated 12 Dec 2016

Users of IBM® z/OS® for the past several years had a choice of two HTTP Servers that they can use. Now, one server became strategic while the other is no longer supported with z/OS V2.2. IHS powered by Apache supports IPv6 and 64-bit execution and includes security authentication and authorization capabilities that are similar to those capabilities that are provided in IHS powered by IBM Domino®. This IBM Redpaper™ publication is aimed at technicians who are responsible for planning and deploying system software. It provides informationon about the various features that are available in IBM ... [more]

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IBM BigInsights Security Implementation Part 2: Securing the IBM BigInsights Cluster Perimeter

Web Doc, published 9 Dec 2016

Big data analytics is network intensive because it runs on a cluster of nodes. Due to the high volumes of data exchanged between nodes in the IBM® BigInsights® cluster, network isolation is vital for the following reasons:
- To prevent sniffing attacks
- To reduce the network congestion so that the corporate network is not affected by the big data cluster traffic
Isolating the cluster network also gives administrators greater flexibility in enforcing the cluster access. This IBM® Redbooks® Analytics Support web doc serves as a guide for system implementers who are ... [more]

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Microservices Best Practices for Java
Application Platform

Redbooks, published 7 Dec 2016

Microservices is an architectural style in which large, complex software applications are composed of one or more smaller services. Each of these microservices focuses on completing one task that represents a small business capability. These microservices can be developed in any programming language. This IBM® Redbooks® publication covers Microservices best practices for Java. It focuses on creating cloud native applications using the latest version of IBM WebSphere® Application Server Liberty, IBM Bluemix® and other Open Source Frameworks in the Microservices ecosystem to highlight ... [more]

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IBM Power System S821LC: Technical Overview and Introduction
Power Systems

Redpapers, published 1 Dec 2016, last updated 6 Dec 2016

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication is a comprehensive guide that covers the IBM Power System S821LC (8001-12C) server that uses the latest IBM POWER8® processor technology and supports the Linux operating system (OS). The Power S821LC server is designed to maximize data center floor space with its dense 1U server design, which helps to reduce infrastructure cost. The Power S821LC server delivers superior performance and exceptional throughput for data center and cloud workloads that require dense virtualization, open source database deployment, and high-performance computing applications. The ... [more]

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IBM BigInsights BigIntegrate and BigQuality: IBM InfoSphere Information Server on Hadoop Deployment and Configuration Guide

Web Doc, published 29 Apr 2016, last updated 6 Dec 2016

IBM® BigInsights® BigIntegrate and BigQuality allow for IBM InfoSphere® Information Server to be deployed on Apache Hadoop, leveraging resources in the Hadoop cluster through the Hadoop resource manager known as Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN). This offering introduces data locality, allowing for logic in existing and new IBM InfoSphere DataStage® jobs to run on the Hadoop data nodes where the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) blocks exist. This IBM Redbooks® Analytics Support Web Doc is intended to jumpstart deployment and configuration of the IBM BigInsights BigIntegrate and ... [more]

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