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Governing Operational Decisions in an Enterprise Scalable Way
Application Integration

Draft Redbooks, last updated 28 Jun 2017

This IBM® Redbooks® publication introduces operational decision governance and describes in details how to implement it using the IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) platform. ODM allows businesses to automate and manage day to day operational decisions. It provides an integrated repository and management components for line-of-business, subject-matter experts to directly participate in the definition and governance of rules-based, decision logic, organized in decision services. Governance of changes to decision services is of particular importance and value. This book describes how ... [more]

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Automating IBM Spectrum Scale Deployment with Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud and JuJu Charms
Storage Solutions

Draft Redguides, last updated 8 May 2017

Automation is key to faster deployments with fewer resources. Now Canonical’s JuJu charms can help automate deployments of IBM Spectrum Scale with Ubuntu OpenStack cloud. This Redguide showcases how to deploy an OpenStack environment in an automated fashion with Spectrum Scale as a storage backend by using Juju Charms.

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zPDT 2017 Sysplex Extensions
z Systems Software

Draft Redbooks, last updated 2 Mar 2017

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the IBM zPDT® 2017 Sysplex Extensions, which is a package that consists of sample files and supporting documentation to help you get a functioning, data sharing, sysplex up and running with minimal time and effort. This book is a significant revision of a previous IBM Redbooks document, zPDT 2016 Sysplex Extensions, SG24-8315. That previous book is still available on for readers that need the z/OS® 2.1 level of this package. This package is designed and tested to be installed on top of a standard ADCD environment. It provides the ... [more]

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Using SDSF in a JES3 Environment
z Systems

Draft Redpapers, last updated 11 Apr 2012

This IBM Redpaper publication offers a broad overview of features of the z/OS System Display and Search Facility (SDSF) for JES3. z/OS R10 delivered the (long-requested) ability to use SDSF in a JES3 environment and this publication includes updates introduced up to and including z/OS R13. This Redpaper describes the features, panels and functions of SDSF for JES3 and provides implementation and customization details.

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Experience JEE Using Rational Application Developer V7.5
Application Integration

Draft Redbooks, last updated 27 Jul 2010

(Note that this book is available in softcopy only.) This IBM® Redbooks® publication is a hands-on guide to developing a comprehensive Java™ EE application using Rational® Application Developer V7.5 and the embedded WebSphere® Application Server V7.0 test environment, including items such as core functions, security, Web services, and messaging. Novice users are thus able to experience Java EE, and advance from theoretical knowledge gained by reading introductory material to practical knowledge gained by implementing a real-life application. Experience is one stage in gaining and applying ... [more]

Draft IBM Redbooks are books-in-progress. They are produced on a specific topic during a residency. The intent is to post the information much quicker than the formal publishing process allows. The results you read are less polished than the published book and may contain errors because they have not undergone the formal review that takes place for completed IBM Redbooks. Feedback is very welcome!

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