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IBM Power System AC922 Introduction and Technical Overview
Power Systems

Draft Redpapers, last updated 21 Mar 2018

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication is a comprehensive guide that covers the IBM Power System AC922 server (8335-GTG and 8335-GTW models). The AC922 server is the next generation of the IBM Power processor based systems, designed for deep learning and artificial intelligence, high-performance analytics, and high-performance computing. This paper introduces the major innovative AC922 server features and their relevant functions:
- Powerful IBM POWER9™ processors that offer 16 cores at 2.6 GHz with 3.09 GHz turbo performance or 20 cores at 2.0 GHz with 2.87 GHz turbo
- IBM CAPI ... [more]

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Getting Started with z/OS Data Set Encryption
z Systems

Draft Redbooks, last updated 19 Mar 2018

Note that this IBM® Redbooks® publication is under construction. New versions of the draft will be released periodically. This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides a broad explanation of IBM Z pervasive encryption with a focus on z/OS® data set encryption. It shows how the various hardware and software components interact to enable z/OS data set encryption. In addition, this book concentrates on the planning of the environment and offers implementation, configuration, and operational examples that can be used in z/OS data set encryption environments. This publication is useful to IT ... [more]

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IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition V1.2.6 Installation and Configuration Guide
Software Defined Storage

Draft Redbooks, last updated 16 Mar 2018

This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you with the planning, installation, and configuration of the new IBM Spectrum™ Archive Enterprise Edition V1.2.6 for the IBM TS3310, IBM TS3500, IBM TS4300, and IBM TS4500 tape libraries. IBM Spectrum Archive™ EE enables the use of the LTFS for the policy management of tape as a storage tier in an IBM Spectrum Scale™ based environment. It helps encourage the use of tape as a critical tier in the storage environment. This is the fifth edition of IBM Spectrum Archive Installation and Configuration Guide. IBM Spectrum Archive EE V1.2.6 supports IBM ... [more]

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IBM FlashSystem V9000 Model AE3 Product Guide
Flash storage

Draft Redpapers, last updated 16 Mar 2018

This IBM Redbooks® Product Guide describes IBM FlashSystem® V9000, which is a comprehensive all-flash enterprise storage solution that delivers the full capabilities of IBM FlashCore™ technology. In addition, it provides a rich set of software-defined storage features, including IBM Real-time Compression™, dynamic tiering, thin provisioning, snapshots, cloning, replication, data copy services, and IBM HyperSwap® for high availability. Scale out scale up configurations can now add a hot spare node to further enhance availability. With the release of FlashSystem V9000 Software V8.1, extra ... [more]

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Enhancing the IBM Power Systems Platform with IBM Watson Services
Power Systems

Draft Redbooks, last updated 12 Mar 2018

This IBM Redbooks publication provides an introduction to the Power processor architecture. It describes the IBM Power processor and IBM Power Systems. Highlighting the advantages and benefits of IBM Power Systems, IBM AIX®, IBM i, and Linux on Power. This publication showcases typical busines scenarios that are powered by Power Systems. It provides an introduction to the Artificial Intellegence (AI) capabilities that Watson™ services enables, and how these AI capabiliites can be augmented into existing applications. Making use of an agile aproach to embed intelligence into every ... [more]

Draft IBM Redbooks are books-in-progress. They are produced on a specific topic during a residency. The intent is to post the information much quicker than the formal publishing process allows. The results you read are less polished than the published book and may contain errors because they have not undergone the formal review that takes place for completed IBM Redbooks. Feedback is very welcome!

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