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1. Lenovo Flex System Higher Voltage DC Solutions
Draft Redpapers, last updated 30 Mar 2015
2. Implementation Best Practices for DB2 BLU Acceleration with SAP BW on IBM POWER Systems
Draft Redbooks, last updated 30 Mar 2015
3. Implementing IBM FlashSystem 900
Draft Redbooks, last updated 24 Mar 2015
4. zEDC Compression: DFSMShsm Sample Implementation
Draft Redpapers, last updated 24 Mar 2015
5. DFSMShsm: Managing PDSE V2 Data Sets
Draft Redpapers, last updated 24 Mar 2015
6. In-memory Computing with SAP HANA on Lenovo X6 Systems
Draft Redbooks, last updated 24 Mar 2015
7. IBM MobileFirst in Action for mGoverment and Citizen Mobile Services
Draft Redpapers, last updated 23 Mar 2015
8. IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly GPFS)
Draft Redbooks, last updated 20 Mar 2015, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)
9. DS8870 Data Migration Techniques
Draft Redbooks, last updated 15 Mar 2015
10. End to End Security with z Systems
Draft Redpapers, last updated 12 Mar 2015, Rating: (based on 5 reviews)

Draft IBM Redbooks are books-in-progress. They are produced on a specific topic during a residency. The intent is to post the information much quicker than the formal publishing process allows. The results you read are less polished than the published book and may contain errors because they have not undergone the formal review that takes place for completed IBM Redbooks. Feedback is very welcome!

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