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Broker Software and Cloud Services with IBM Cloud Brokerage

Redguides, published 25 Oct 2016

Many enterprises are adopting hybrid cloud to accelerate innovation and to create new business models and revenue streams. They are modernizing their existing IT environment and taking advantage of newer, cost-efficient consumption models. However, as they adopt a hybrid cloud, they become increasingly aware of their reliance on multiple providers, and they struggle to maintain consistent management across the cloud and traditional IT platforms. At the same time, line of business (LOB) executives and users are aggressively pursuing cloud computing solutions (from a variety of suppliers), ... [more]

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Deliver Modern UI for IBM BPM with the Coach Framework and Other Approaches
Application Integration

Redbooks, published 21 Oct 2016, last updated 25 Oct 2016

IBM® Coach Framework is a key component of the IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) platform that enables custom user interfaces to be easily embedded within business process solutions. Developer tools enable process authors to rapidly create a compelling user experience (UI) that can be delivered to desktop and mobile devices. IBM Process Portal, used by business operations to access, execute, and manage tasks, is entirely coach-based and can easily be configured and styled. A corporate look and feel can be defined using a graphical theme editor and applied consistently across all process ... [more]

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Cisco MDS 9706 Multilayer Director for IBM System Storage
Storage Networking

Product Guide, published 23 Feb 2015, last updated 25 Oct 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® Product Guide describes the Cisco MDS 9706 Multilayer Director for IBM System Storage® (9710-E06). The MDS 9706 is a director-class SAN switch that is designed for deployment in small- to medium-sized storage networks that can support enterprise clouds and business transformation. It layers a comprehensive set of intelligent features onto a high-performance, protocol-independent switch fabric. MDS 9706 addresses the stringent requirements of large virtualized data center storage environments. It delivers uncompromising availability, security, scalability, ease of ... [more]

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Cisco MDS 9710 Multilayer Director for IBM System Networking
Storage Networking

Product Guide, published 9 Jul 2013, last updated 25 Oct 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® Product Guide introduces Cisco MDS 9710 Multilayer Director for IBM System Networking (9710-E08). It is a director-class storage area network (SAN) switch that is designed for deployment in large-scale storage networks to enable enterprise clouds and business transformation. By adding enterprise connectivity options that support IBM FICON® connectivity, MDS 9710 delivers a high performing and reliable FICON infrastructure that is designed to support fast and scalable IBM z Systems™ servers. With the Cisco MDS 9700 48-Port 10-Gbps Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Module ... [more]

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Cisco MDS 9718 Multilayer Director for IBM Storage Networking
Storage Networking

Product Guide, published 25 Oct 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® Product Guide describes the Cisco MDS 9718 Multilayer Director for IBM Storage Networking (9710-E16). The MDS 9718 has the industry’s highest port density for a SAN director and features 768 line-rate 16 Gbps Fibre Channel ports. Designed to support multiprotocol workloads, MDS 9718 enables SAN consolidation and collapsed-core solutions for large enterprises, which reduces the number of managed switches and leads to easy-to-manage deployments. The MDS 9718 supports the 48-port 10 Gbps and the 24-port 40 Gbps FCoE switching modules. By reducing the number of front-panel ... [more]

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z Systems Software

Redpapers, published 21 Oct 2016, last updated 24 Oct 2016

The IBM® z/OS® continuous delivery program introduces new functionality through the small programming enhancements (SPEs) for SDSF users to display system symbols and enqueue information. The SPE is delivered through functional program temporary fixes (PTFs). This Learn Adopt Deploy (LAD) IBM Redpaper™ publication describes the new AS, DYNX, and ENQ options that appear on the SDSF Primary Menu. This paper also includes information to help you meet the following goals:
- Learn about the new AS, DYNX, and PROC functionality
- Adopt the software into your environment
- ... [more]

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Maximizing Performance of IBM DB2 Backups

Web Doc, published 21 Oct 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® Analytics Support Web Doc describes how to maximize the performance of IBM DB2® backups. Backing up a database is a critical part of any disaster recovery plan. Making sure that the backup completes in a reasonable time frame means that there is always a valid backup available in case of emergency. This document describes the following elements that are critical to good backup performance:
- The backup process model
- Basic backup performance concepts
- Backup performance considerations
- Monitoring backup performance with the DB2_BAR_STATS ... [more]

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In-Place Analytics with Live Enterprise Data with IBM DB2 Query Management Facility
z Systems

Redbooks, published 21 Oct 2016

IBM® DB2® Query Management Facility™ for z/OS® provides a zero-footprint, mobile-enabled, highly secure business analytics solution. IBM QMF™ V11.2.1 offers many significant new features and functions in keeping with the ongoing effort to broaden its usage and value to a wider set of users and business areas. In this IBM Redbooks® publication, we explore several of the new features and options that are available within this new release. This publication introduces TSO enhancements for QMF Analytics for TSO and QMF Enhanced Editor. A chapter describes how the QMF Data Service component ... [more]

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IBM Power System S824L Technical Overview and Introduction
Power Systems

Redpapers, published 16 Dec 2014, last updated 19 Oct 2016

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication is a comprehensive guide that covers the IBM Power System S824L (8247-42L) server that supports the Linux operating systems. The objective of this paper is to introduce the major innovative Power S824L offerings and their relevant functions:
- The new IBM POWER8™ processor, which is available at frequencies of 3.02 GHz and 3.42 GHz A processor that is designed to accommodate high-wattage adapters, such as NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs), that provide acceleration for scientific, engineering, Java, big data analytics, and other ... [more]

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IBM DS8880 Integrated Copy Services Manager and LDAP Client on the HMC
Disk storage

Redpapers, published 9 Aug 2016, last updated 19 Oct 2016

IBM® Copy Services Manager (CSM) is a replication management solution that is based on the IBM Tivoli® Productivity Center for Replication technology. CSM inherits all the Tivoli Productivity Center for Replication capabilities and continues to provide Copy Services solutions for most IBM storage offerings. The IBM DS8880, starting with firmware Release 8.1, Licensed Machine Code (LMC) 8.8.10.xx.xx, includes CSM for the IBM System Storage® DS8000®, which is pre-installed on the Hardware Management Console (HMC). If you ordered the CSM feature code as part of your IBM DS8000 system ... [more]

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