IBM Redbooks are developed through a unique program - the Residency - that teams IBM technical professionals with Business Partners, customers, and IBM product development staff. Depending on the market needs of a product or solution, a team of residents is chosen through a competitive nomination process and works at one of the our centers for two to eight weeks, devoted to developing IBM Redbooks. Would you like to join a team writing IBM Redbooks? Find an upcoming residency from the list below and submit an online nomination!


IBM b-type "GEN6" products combined with Spectrum Virtualize and Flash to modernize the data center, ST-7T05-R01

Starts 30 Oct 2017, ends 17 Nov 2017 (3 weeks). Accepting back-up nominations.


Watson API and Interfaces (including IBM i and AIX), PW-7401-R01

Starts 27 Nov 2017, ends 22 Dec 2017 (4 weeks) and requires 4 residents.


Networking Design for HPC and AI for Power Systems, PW-7501-R01

Starts 27 Nov 2017, ends 15 Dec 2017 (3 weeks) and requires 2 residents.

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