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Readers of IBM Redbooks publications are familiar with their easy-to-use and view Adobe PDF format. Now, readers will have exciting new options for viewing them: IBM Redbooks are newly available in EPUB format for e-readers, including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Nook!

EPUB (short for electronic publication) is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). EPUB is designed for reflowable content, which allows the text display to be optimized for the devices used by readers, including smaller devices such as mobile phones. Users of these devices will be able to easily read and navigate Redbooks publications on any size screen. They will also be able to leverage all the handy e-book features their devices provide, such as viewing using touch screen, changing font sizes, bookmarking and more.

Three hundred of the latest IBM Redbooks publications are currently available for no-cost download in EPUB format on the IBM Redbooks website. They will also be available for free download from the Apple iBookstore in the near future. And moving forward, look for more future Redbooks publications to be available in EPUB format immediately upon publication.

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Latest IBM Redbooks available in epub icon EPUB format

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1. IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes, SG24-8064-01
Redbooks, published 31 July 2015
2. IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile Guide for Developers, SG24-8076-02
Redbooks, published 30 July 2015, last updated 30 July 2015
3. IBM GDPS Family of Products: An Introduction to Concepts and Capabilities, SG24-6374-10
Redbooks, published 29 July 2015
4. Configuring and Deploying Open Source with IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile, SG24-8194-01
Redbooks, published 21 July 2015
5. IBM DS8870 and IBM z Systems Synergy, REDP-5186-00
Redpapers, published 20 July 2015, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)
6. IBM Datacap Accounts Payable Capture, REDP-5235-00
Redpapers, published 17 July 2015
7. Using IBM DS8870 in an OpenStack Environment, REDP-5220-00
Redpapers, published 17 July 2015
8. Implementing IBM FlashSystem 840, SG24-8189-02
Redbooks, published 9 July 2015, Rating: (based on 1 review)
9. IBM Public Safety Solutions for a Safer Planet, REDP-5229-00
Redguides, published 7 July 2015
10. Introducing and Implementing IBM FlashSystem V9000, SG24-8273-00
Redbooks, published 7 July 2015, last updated 30 July 2015, Rating: (based on 1 review)
11. IBM DS8870 Architecture and Implementation (Release 7.5), SG24-8085-05
Redbooks, published 2 July 2015
12. IBM Software Defined Infrastructure for Big Data Analytics Workloads, SG24-8265-00
Redbooks, published 29 June 2015
13. IBM DS8870 Disk Encryption, REDP-4500-05
Redpapers, published 29 June 2015
14. IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality 2.0 Technical Overview, REDP-5035-01
Redpapers, published 29 June 2015
15. Flexible Decision Management with Business Rules on IBM z Systems, SG24-8014-02
Redbooks, published 26 June 2015
16. IBM SONAS Implementation Guide, SG24-7962-01
Redbooks, published 26 June 2015
17. IBM System Storage Solutions Handbook, SG24-5250-10
Redbooks, published 23 June 2015, last updated 22 July 2015
18. IBM DS8870 Easy Tier Heat Map Transfer, REDP-5015-01
Redpapers, published 23 June 2015
19. IBM Platform Computing Solutions for High Performance and Technical Computing Workloads, SG24-8264-00
Redbooks, published 19 June 2015
20. ARCHIVED: Pooled JVM in CICS Transaction Server V3, SG24-5275-04
Redbooks, published 17 June 2015
21. IBM Power System E850 Technical Overview and Introduction, REDP-5222-00
Redpapers, published 17 June 2015
22. Implementing an IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Cluster using Linux on Power, SG24-8248-00
Redbooks, published 16 June 2015
23. IBM Spectrum Accelerate: Deployment, Usage, and Maintenance, SG24-8267-00
Redbooks, published 12 June 2015
24. A Practical Guide to ICF Catalogs, SG24-8262-00
Redbooks, published 4 June 2015, Rating: (based on 1 review)
25. The Next Generation of Distributed IBM CICS, SG24-7185-01
Redbooks, published 3 June 2015, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)
26. Using IBM Enterprise Records, SG24-7623-01
Redbooks, published 29 May 2015, Rating: (based on 10 reviews)
27. Implementing IBM FlashSystem 900, SG24-8271-00
Redbooks, published 27 May 2015, Rating: (based on 1 review)
28. Designing and Operating a Data Reservoir, SG24-8274-00
Redbooks, published 26 May 2015
29. IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly GPFS), SG24-8254-00
Redbooks, published 26 May 2015, last updated 4 June 2015, Rating: (based on 4 reviews)
30. IBM Reference Architecture for Genomics: Speed, Scale, Smarts, REDP-5210-00
Redpapers, published 20 May 2015