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Smarter Analytics: Driving Customer Interactions with the IBM Next Best Action Solution

Redguide, published 28 Aug 2013

What if your organization could increase customer satisfaction with every customer interaction? What if your customer-facing teams had the information and insight necessary to delight your customers every time they made contact? What if you could proactively provide service to your customers before they even know that they need it? For many organizations, this dream is far reaching. They know that they are failing to maximize the value of their customer relationships and want to change this situation. They are finding it hard to embrace new channels of interaction, such as mobile devices and ... [more]

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Context-Based Analytics in a Big Data World: Better Decisions

Point-of-View, published 17 Jul 2013, last updated 26 Aug 2013

As the world becomes more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent, the volume of information that is generated is growing at an exponential rate. The conversation surrounding this information explosion and about big data has centered on the size and management of this data. However, there is also an opportunity to improve critical business insight by taking advantage of the context that is created from big data. Context, the cumulative history that is derived from data observations about entities (people, places, and things), is a critical component of analytic decision process. ... [more]

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Smarter Analytics: Information Architecture for a New Era of Computing

Redguide, published 31 Jul 2013

This IBM Redguide™ publication focuses on how IT takes advantage of new sources of information to deliver insight to the enterprise, enabling it to act in the context of its wider environment. The guide begins with a view of the types of information that must be included in the context and where this information is from. It also covers how this information can be integrated into the enterprise and the practices that ensure that the management of this information is cost-effective, compliant with regulations, and ... [more]

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Overcoming the Challenges of Financial Regulatory Compliance with an Integrated Approach
z Systems

Point-of-View, published 30 Jul 2013

Regulatory compliance, an ongoing concern for many financial institutions, has intensified significantly by the recent financial crisis. New and changing regulations, such as the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), continue to challenge global financial institutions. This IBM® Redbooks® Point-of-View publication describes how organizations can stay ahead of regulations using an integrated IT approach that provides the following key benefits:
- Shared use of information with master data management (MDM) helps avoid duplicate information that is not consistent.
- A ... [more]

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Securely Adopting Mobile Technology Innovations for Your Enterprise Using IBM Security Solutions

Redguide, published 11 Jul 2013

Many organizations around the world are undergoing a mobile business transformation to achieve higher efficiencies, improve client relations, and increase business growth. There has been immense growth in mobile device and tablet sales. With easy-to-use interfaces, and the convenience to connect and collaborate with ever-increasing network bandwidth from almost anyplace, the has engulfed consumers and workers from all generations. Organizations want to make use of these technology innovations for the workforce, and for reaching a larger number of clients and business partners. However, ... [more]

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Analytics in a Big Data Environment

Redguide, published 17 May 2012, last updated 8 Jul 2013

Humans perform complex analytics daily. As an example, they analyze traffic patterns many times each day and decide when to cross intersections. This situation is complex, with moving actors and a highly dynamic environment. Situational awareness implies an understanding of relevant history (car behavior and speed), learned behavior (look left, right, and left), knowledge of traffic laws, and the current environment (number of cars and speed of cars). This situational data can help people decide how a new event, such as crossing a street, will impact the objective of staying safe. Imagine ... [more]

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The Reality of Rehosting: Understanding the Value of Your Mainframe
z Systems

Point-of-View, published 21 Jun 2013

Moving applications from the mainframe to distributed environments often comes with the expectation of cost savings. However, studies reveal a conclusion that is counter to conventional wisdom.
- It could actually cost less to stay and grow on the mainframe than to move to a distributed systems environment
- Hidden costs often inflate the actual cost of moving mainframe-based applications to a distributed environment
- Workloads running on the mainframe are often a best fit for that platform, and administrators achieve significant operational efficiencies on a ... [more]

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Artificial Intelligence: Learning Through Interactions and Big Data
z Systems

Point-of-View, published 3 Jun 2013

Artifical intelligence (AI) approaches combined with analytics techniques can provide practical approaches to the challenges of creating Smarter Planet solutions.
- The current mainstream business analytics research and solution development along with the convergence of AI with machine learning techniques will continue to underpin high-value, human decision support solutions.
- Cognitive systems can combine natural language processing, hypothesis generation and evaluation, and dynamic learning for a powerful, fast, and intelligent problem solving.
- To effectively apply ... [more]

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Unlock Big Value in Big Data with Analytics
z Systems Software

Point-of-View, published 31 May 2013, last updated 3 Jun 2013

Big data expands and evolves analytics that were not previously possible because of lack of available information, technology limitation, or prohibitive cost. Companies that extend analytics to big data can:
- Gain more complete answers and create new perspectives by relating and analyzing all sources of data
- Make better business decisions by anticipating business outcomes and uncovering hidden patterns and relationships across all sources of data
- Uncover new opportunities and enable new business models by differentiating customer service or reducing operating costs ... [more]

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IBM SmartCloud: Building a Cloud Enabled Data Center

Redguide, published 13 Feb 2013, last updated 21 May 2013

Organizations are looking for ways to get more out of their already strained IT infrastructure as they face new technological and economic pressures. They are also trying to satisfy a broad set of users (internal and external to the enterprise) who demand improvements in their quality of service (QoS), regardless of increases in the number of users and applications. Cloud computing offers attractive opportunities to reduce costs, accelerate development, and increase the flexibility of the IT infrastructure, applications, and services. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is the typical ... [more]

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Realizing Efficient Enterprise Security Intelligence by Using IBM Security Intelligence Solutions

Redguide, published 9 May 2013

No matter how large or small an organization, the demands for security intelligence are growing. Organizations of all sizes face tremendous challenges to keep their assets secure. Most organizations use heterogeneous IT technologies and software solutions that produce a wide variety of disparate data. Such technologies and solutions include compliance and vulnerability scans, IDS/IPS alerts, asset data, access logs, and more. They monitor and track network performance, monitor and track application security, and collect and manage event logs in an attempt to meet overall IT objectives. Also, ... [more]

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The Interconnecting of Everything
z Systems

Point-of-View, published 19 Apr 2013

The Internet of Things has transformed the way corporations and consumers interact with each other and the environment around them. Internet-of-Things technologies have impacted solution domains such as Smart Grid, Supply Chain Management, Smart Cities, and Smart Home. The Internet of Things is a computing paradigm that will change business models, technology investments, consumer experiences, and everyday life. The Internet of Things is the Internet of the future, powering billions of integrated devices and processes across industries and global locations.
- The Internet of ... [more]

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Applying Lean, Six Sigma, BPM, and SOA to Drive Business Results
Smarter Process

Redguide, published 18 Apr 2013, last updated 18 Apr 2013

Lean Six Sigma unites tools and techniques from Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to produce real results. It uncovers process waste, reduces non-value adding activity, and increases organizational capability. The benefits might even be felt in IT where waste is being removed from application development processes, significantly reducing costs and freeing resources and budgets for needed investments and backlogged projects. Business process management (BPM) technologies and service-oriented architectures (SOAs) combine with Lean Six Sigma to accelerate improvements and results. As the world ... [more]

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Real-time Fraud Detection Analytics on IBM System z
z Systems

Redbooks, published 3 Apr 2013, last updated 11 Apr 2013

Payment fraud can be defined as an intentional deception or misrepresentation that is designed to result in an unauthorized benefit. Fraud schemes are becoming more complex and difficult to identify. It is estimated that industries lose nearly $1 trillion USD annually because of fraud. The ideal solution is where you avoid making fraudulent payments without slowing down legitimate payments. This solution requires that you adopt a comprehensive fraud business architecture that applies predictive analytics. This IBM® Redbooks® publication begins with the business process flows of several ... [more]

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Connecting Your Business to the Multichannel Customer with freedomone and IBM Worklight

Redguide, published 28 Feb 2013

Many businesses are facing communication challenges that are caused by the explosive growth of digital channels available to their customers. The choice of channels that is available to customers ranges from mobile devices to social networks. A cohesive business strategy to engage customers in moments of opportunity must include technology assets that enable the company to communicate interactively and contextually with today’s multichannel customer. freedomone is an integrated communication platform that connects your business to the multichannel customer. It integrates with your ... [more]

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Accelerating Collaboration and Productivity by Taking Advantage of Social Business

Point-of-View, published 24 Jan 2013, last updated 24 Jan 2013

Companies are constantly challenged by how they can become more adaptive and agile, more creative and innovative, and more efficient and resilient. They seek collective intelligence both from their employees and from their consumers. They want the ability to exchange knowledge and to collect and evaluate feedback and ideas. At the same time, they want to improve communication, productivity, and employee and customer satisfaction. While employees are demanding social tools in the workplace for better collaboration and communication, companies are at a crossroads about whether implementing ... [more]

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Building a Resilient Planet
Smarter Cities

Point-of-View, published 17 Jan 2013, last updated 22 Jan 2013

In the next decades, regions around the world will face increasing changes from two types of threats: acute threats and chronic threats. Acute threats are natural and man-made catastrophes such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Chronic threats are the causes of shortages of basic resources such as water, food, and energy. A resilient planet is one that can deal with such changes. Public and private sectors depend on information technology (IT) in critical situations that affect geographic regions and resources:
- They need more robust and resilient IT to support rapid recovery ... [more]

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Smarter Bank Data Centers with Expert Integrated Systems
Industry Solutions

Point-of-View, published 14 Dec 2012, last updated 27 Dec 2012

Today, banks are operating in a highly volatile climate. Increasing regulation, continuous pressure on cost, changing business models, mergers and acquisitions, and remaining competitive require a flexible, efficient, and smart IT operation:
- Banks need IT as an accelerator of business growth, not as an inhibitor.
- Bank data centers can and must be made smarter.
- Banks need expert integrated systems.
This IBM® Redbooks® Point-of-View publication analyzes what makes a data center successful and explains how IBM expert integrated systems help to accomplish the ... [more]

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Managing Data in Today's Information Overloaded World
z Systems

Point-of-View, published 13 Dec 2012

The landscape of today’s information infrastructure is continually changing. The amount of data that is being collected is increasing, and organizations are finding new ways to analyze, evaluate, and use the information that they collect. In addition, hardware trends are making it cost effective to capture new information sources and to automate data management. In the hardware arena especially, falling prices and increasing capacity for memory devices are reshaping the storage industry. Solid-state drives (SSDs), large amounts of RAM, and new I/O technologies influence raw system ... [more]

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Transforming the Way Organizations Think with Cognitive Systems

Point-of-View, published 12 Dec 2012, last updated 13 Dec 2012

Our data volume is exploding. But not just the volume of data, the type of data is taking on increasing forms, and the demand for speed at which we need to understand this data is accelerating. We need computers that can assess this flood of information so that we can mine the most value from our data. IBM® is leading the Cognitive Systems Era. It is transforming the way we use computers and technology to process information and natural language, creating the potential to change the way businesses use information and make decisions. As explained in this IBM Redbooks® Point-of-View paper, ... [more]

The above is a list of IBM Redguides on IT Business Perspectives, showing most recently published first. IBM Redguides focus on the business view of technology that solves business issues, provides business value, or enables competitive advantage by applying existing technologies or exploring a roadmap for emerging technologies. These publications are available in Adobe PDF format and may be viewed on-line or downloaded for off-line viewing and printing.

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