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Go Digital by Taking Advantage of Hybrid Cloud Patterns with IBM Operational Decision Manager and IBM Business Process Manager
Smarter Process

Redguide, published 24 Apr 2015

In general, there is agreement and overall understanding of the systems of record (SOR) and systems of engagement (SOE) view of enterprise architecture. Systems of insight (SOI) are new and represent a new element in enterprise architectures, capable of providing real-time situation detection and the ability to take timely actions. This IBM Redbooks® Redguide™ publication builds on the SOR and SOE premise and describes a hybrid cloud that offers a number of ways to derive business value by leveraging new engagement models and new born-on-the-cloud capabilities. The guide includes two ... [more]

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Analytics, Cloud Still Dominant, but More Looms on IT Horizon
z Systems Software

Point-of-View, published 15 Apr 2015

A new survey of thousands of IBM experts puts analytics, cloud, and mobile at the top of the IT trend list worldwide, reinforcing the company’s leadership and investment in these critical areas. Analytics remains atop of the ranking for the fourth straight year, as companies continue to seek more and better insight from their data. Cloud and mobile, too, remain firmly near the top, reflecting both continued demand for cost-saving hosted infrastructures and a growing reliance on devices that help users conduct business while on the move. But lists of trends are interesting for more than just ... [more]

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Smart Grid Cyber Health Assessment in a Big Bad Data World

Redguide, published 18 Feb 2015

We expect our electricity (for heat, air conditioning, and lights), water, and other utilities to be available whenever we want them. But our everyday essentials have become the target of our adversaries. Exacerbating the situation, when a part of the grid fails, we don’t know whether it is from natural causes or the actions of bad actors. Regardless, the failure needs to be fixed. Despite our diligence in the creation of new electric grid standards, these standards are not sufficient to address the urgent cyber threats and challenges that critical infrastructures now face. The lack of ... [more]

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Cloud Computing Simplified: The Thoughts On Cloud Way
Application Platform

Redguide, published 16 Feb 2015

This IBM® RedBlook™ publication is a collection of selected posts published on the IBM Thoughts on Cloud blog. Thoughts on Cloud is IBM’s official cloud blog, contributed by hundreds of cloud computing specialists worldwide from IBM and IBM Business Partners. Most of the authors have hands-on experience implementing cloud solutions for various industries. The goal of the blog is to provide readers with a forum to discuss and debate various cloud computing topics. Starting with the basic building blocks of cloud computing, we cover a wide range of cloud topics in this book. We do not go ... [more]

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Enhancing Value to Existing and Future Workloads with IBM z13
z Systems Software

Point-of-View, published 14 Jan 2015, last updated 14 Jan 2015

Discover how to take advantage of advances in technology to address key demands on today’s mainframes: - Cloud computing, analytics, mobile access, social media, and security (CAMSS) put new demands on businesses and IT for enhanced resilience, performance, and scale. - The volume of data and increased file sizes push networks to their limits and stress quality of service. - A powerful, workload-optimized, open, agile, and highly secure IT infrastructure is required to meet customer expectations. This IBM® Redbooks® Point-of-View publication discusses the new I/O capabilities in IBM z ... [more]

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