IBM PowerVC Version 1.2 Introduction and Configuration

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IBM PowerVC is an advanced enterprise virtualization management offering for IBM Power Systems based on the OpenStack technology. This IBM® Redbooks® publication will introduce and position IBM Power Virtualization Center and will help you understand its positioning, planning, installation, and set up.

IBM PowerVC is available in two editions, Express Edition to manage small deployments through IVM and Standard Edition to manage larger deployments through the HMC. IBM PowerVC can manage Linux on Power and AIX, running on POWER hardware including Flex System POWER compute nodes.

PowerVC editions include the following features and benefits:

  • Virtual Image capture, deployment, and management
  • Policy-based Virtual Machine (VM) placement to improve utilization
  • Targeted VM placement for deployment to reduce complexity
  • Managing real-time optimization and VM resilience to increase productivity
  • VM Mobility with placement policies to reduce burden on IT staff in a simple-to-install and easy-to-use GUI
  • An open and extensible PowerVM management system that enables you to adapt as you need and runs in parallel with existing infrastructure, preserving your investment
  • A management system that manages existing PowerVM deployments

You will also find all the details on how we set up the lab environment used in this book.

This IBM RedpaperRedbooks publication is intended for experienced IBM PowerVM® and other virtualization solutions users wanting to understand and implement the next generation of enterprise virtualization management for Power Systems™.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IBM PowerVC introduction
Chapter 2. IBM PowerVC installation planning
Chapter 3. IBM PowerVC installation
Chapter 4. IBM PowerVC evironment set up
Chapter 5. IBM PowerVC Standard Edition VM set up
Chapter 6. IBM PowerVC Express Ediction specifics
Chapter 7. IBM PowerVC lab environment


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