The IBM System Storage Solutions Handbook helps you solve your current and future data storage business requirements to achieve enhanced storage efficiency by design to allow managed cost, capacity of growth, greater mobility, and stronger control over storage performance and management. It describes the most current IBM storage products, including the IBM Spectrum family, IBM FlashSystem, disk, and tape, and virtualized solutions such IBM Storage Cloud.

This IBM Redbooks publication provides overviews and pointers for information about the most current IBM System Storage products, showing how IBM delivers the right mix of products for nearly every aspect of business continuance and business efficiency. IBM storage products can help you store, safeguard, retrieve, and share your data.

This book is intended as a reference for basic information about the IBM Storage products portfolio. It provides a starting point for establishing your own enterprise storage environment.

This book describes the IBM Storage products as of March 2016.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. IBM Spectrum Storage family
Chapter 3. IBM Storage Cloud
Chapter 4. IBM SAN Volume Controller and IBM Storwize family
Chapter 5. IBM FlashSystem family
Chapter 6. IBM DS8800 Storage System
Chapter 7. IBM XIV Storage System
Chapter 8. IBM tape products
Chapter 9. Storage networking products
Appendix A. Withdrawn products


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