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IBM Press, in partnership with John Wiley & Sons, is the official publisher of IBM retail books for students and professionals.

IBM Press books address the wide range of IBM products and services, architectures, and business solutions. With books designed to help users prepare for IBM certifications, master the implementation and support of a diverse range of IBM products and solutions, and educate business leaders.

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The DevOps Adoption Playbook

by Sanjeev Sharma
This book provides a playbook on how to adopt DevOps in a multi speed IT enterprise, and achieve both Innovation and Optimization, while at the same time managing cost, risk, and quality.
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Swift in the Cloud

by Leigh Williamson, John Ponzo, Patrick Boher, Ricardo Olivieri Karl Weinmeister
Whether you are already using Swift to build mobile applications or a seasoned web developer, Swift in the Cloud will help you leverage server-side Swift to power the next generation of applications. Written by the team of developers that helped bring the Swift language to Cloud computing, this is the definitive guide to writing and running Swift language programs for the Cloud environment. In Swift in the Cloud you will find full coverage of all aspects of creating and running Swift language applications -- complete with examples of real code that can get you up and experimenting with today. Since Apple introduced the Swift language in 2014, it has become one of the most rapidly adopted computer programming languages in history --and now you too can start benefiting from using the same programming language for all components of a scalable, robust business solution.

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IBM Press publishes books that are authored by eminent architects, engineers and consultants, as well as business leaders, with contributions from other experts working in the IBM community. While the majority of books are written by IBM employees, IBM Press also accepts book proposals from authors outside of IBM.