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Congratulations on being selected for the Residency Program at the International Technical Support Organization in Austin, Texas. We hope your residency experience will be productive, educational, and enjoyable. This document attempts to provide information on the residency at a level of detail that will enable you to make appropriate personal plans.

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ITSO Austin Location

IBM Austin
11400 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas
Phone (512) 838-5477 
Tie Line 678-5477
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You will reserve your own apartment once you receive an" Introduction Letter" from ITSO Austin Center Operations, (Lupe Brown), with a link to either Hawthorn or Oakwood.  If you wish to view accommodations, please click below.



Business Partners and  Customers

To enable us to fulfill our objectives in the  ITSO Residency Program, we may need to share your learning with others.  In addition, we need to ensure that the confidentiality of our unannounced products and other related information is protected.  Therefore, we ask that you and someone who is authorized to sign an agreement for your company, review and sign this  IBM Confidential Disclosure Agreement Letter.  Center Operations, Lupe Brown,  will e-mail this  CDA letter.  THIS IMPORTANT DOCUMENT MUST BE REVIEWED, SIGNED, AND FAXED BACK TO CENTER OPERATIONS, (LUPE BROWN) PRIOR TO LEAVING YOUR HOME COUNTRY.  FAILURE TO RETURN THE CDA BEFORE THE REQUIRED TIME MAY PREVENT YOU FROM PARTICIPATING IN THE RESIDENCY.

Car Rental

It is the resident's responsibility to reserve a car with Hertz through their local travel agent. No other rental car company will be reimbursed. For individual rentals, ONLY class A (economy) or B (compact) will be reimbursed. When two or more residents rent one car, class C (mid-size) will be reimbursed. The resident must have proper identification including valid passport, driver's license, and a major credit card to pick up the rental car. Hertz should use CDP#40000 for the rental contract. Residents should decline LDW/CDW. The IBM contract with Hertz provides a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) at no additional cost.  (This insurance covers both vehicles should an accident occur.  It does not cover any medical insurance).  Please DO NOT accept any other insurance from Hertz.

NOTE: Business Partners and Customers must request a letter of approval from  ITSO-Austin Center Operations (Arzu Gucer) for  IBM rates for Hertz car rental.


ITSO Austin will cover all travel expense residency-related business travel during the residency, according to IBM Travel Policy.  If you are an IBM International Resident and are expected to use a per diem rate for your expenses, then you would follow your country's financial guidelines. U.S. IBM employees, and ALL  Business Partners and Customers will receive a meal allowance of  thirty-one dollars per day. (NO PER DIEM).

FrameMaker Tutorial

These video tutorials provide assistance to those participating in residencies to develop IBM Redbooks and Redpapers. Residents, in particular, have the challenge of rapidly becoming productive in the use of the tools with which these publications are created. Within just a few days of the start of your residency, you are expected to start writing the material that will become the IBM Redbooks publication. The main tools used during a residency are:
  • Adobe® FrameMaker®, the primary authoring tool for IBM Redbooks and Redpapers
  • Corel® Paint Shop Pro®, a graphic editor, primarily used for capturing screen shots, but also useful for editing bitmaps and photographs

Occasionally, other specialized tools may need to be used, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Although most residents will receive some FrameMaker training at the start of their residency, it is difficult to absorb and recall how to access all of the necessary FrameMaker features and how to perform ITSO specific tasks. To help you to meet this challenge, we provide a series of task-oriented video tutorials, each of which lasts just a few minutes and shows how to achieve a specific goal, such as inserting a figure or formatting a table.

If you have any question or need assistance in planning for your residency, please feel free to contact your ITSO-Austin Residency Administrator Aruz Gucer at, or Center Operations Administrator Lupe Brown at

We look forward to working with you!