The Green Data Center: Steps for the Journey

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Published 04 August 2008, updated 01 June 2009

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IBM Form #: REDP-4413-00
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Authors: Mike Ebbers, Alvin Galea, Michael Schaefer, Marc Tu Duy Khiem


The information technology (IT) industry is a big user of resources as well as an enabler of efficiencies that reduce CO2 emissions. However, as companies continue to grow to meet the demands of their customers and as environmental concerns continue to be an issue, organizations are looking for ways to reduce corporate energy consumption and to become more environmentally responsible; to become green.
This IBM Redpaper can help your IT organization as it begins the journey to becoming a green data center. IBM wants to help others, particularly our clients, to chart a course to reap the benefits of lower costs and improved sustainability that running a green data center can provide. Understanding what is possible can speed your journey to an optimized green data center with sustainability designed into both the IT and facilities infrastructures. Although this paper is not all inclusive, it provides a quick start for going green in data centers. It also provides additional pointers and information. You can use this paper as a guide to becoming more energy efficient.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. The benefits of a green data center
Chapter 2. Developing a strategy
Chapter 3. Energy optimization with IT equipment
Chapter 4. Site and facilities
Chapter 5. Who can help: IBM Services and Business Partners
Chapter 6. Conclusion: Green is a journey, act now
Appendix A. Commitment to green from IBM: The past, present, and future

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