OS/2 REXX: From Bark to Byte

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This document describes OS/2 REXX from a usage and application
scenario basis. It includes OS/2 REXX interfaces to CM/2, DB2/2 and
MMPM/2. This document is intended for IBM system engineers, IBM
technical advisors, IBM authorized dealers, IBM customers and others
who require a knowledge of OS/2 2.1 REXX and its interfaces.
A working knowledge of OS/2 2.1 and REXX is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Why REXX? 1.0
Chapter 2. OS/2 REXX Specifics 2.0
Chapter 3. External Functions 3.0
Chapter 4. REXX Utilities External Function Package (REXXUTIL) 4.0
Chapter 5. The Workplace Shell and REXX 5.0
Chapter 6. REXX and C 6.0
Chapter 7. Multimedia REXX 7.0
Chapter 8. REXX Interfaces to CM/2 EHLLAPI 8.0
Chapter 9. REXX Interfaces to DB2/2 9.0
Chapter 10. Visual REXX Builders 10.0
Appendix A. REXX Syntax Diagrams A.0
Appendix B. OS/2 DB2/2 REXX Reference B.0
Appendix C. OS/2 Workplace Shell Setup Strings and Color Definitions C.0
Appendix D. CM/2 REXX EHLLAPI Reference D.0
Appendix E. Published Books, Manuals, and Papers on REXX E.0


Publish Date
31 December 1993

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