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"Workshops-to-Go" - Bring IBM Redbooks workshops to your location!

IBM ITSO offers public and onsite client education about emerging IBM products and solutions. Taught by subject matter experts from IBM ITSO worldwide Redbooks team, these on demand workshops will deliver technical "how-to" training with the same excellent quality found in IBM Redbooks publications. These workshops will include current technical content derived from the latest software and hardware releases, as well as timely information based on industry best practices, and relevant and focused topics.

Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a specific workshop from the below list of offerings available for delivery. Open any workshop document to view complete descriptions and register your interest with the ITSO Redbooks training program manager.

IBM ITSO Workshop offerings currently available for delivery

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1. IBM DB2 11 for z/OS Performance Topics, WRB23G Available
2. IBM CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS, WRB34G Available
3. IBM z/PDT - z/OS on a PC platform, WRB40G Available
4. Introduction to IBM System z Assembly Language Programming, WRB41G Available
5. Introduction to IBM z/OS for Programmers, WRB42G Available
6. IBM zEnterprise ensemble implementation (using the zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager), WRB50G Available
7. Introduction to IBM z/OS Problem Determination, WRB52G Available
8. IBM Enterprise Extender Implementation and Problem Determination, WRB55G Available
9. Analyzing and Optimizing System Performance for Your IBM System z Installation, WRB57G Available
10. Analyzing and Optimizing System Performance - Single Customer Workshop, WRB59G Available
11. Performance Basics for IBM z/OS, WRB62G Available
12. IBM Workload Manager: Controlling System Performance, WRB63G Available
13. Implementing the IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS), WRB80G Available
14. IBM PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1.3 for AIX Update, WRB82G Available
15. Oracle Real Application Cluster on IBM Power Systems, WRB85G Available
16. IBM POWER Systems Virtualization: Advanced Topics, Management and Best Practices (HMC, LPARs, Share LPARs, WPARs, VIO), WRB90G Available
17. IBM POWER8 Announcement Workshop, WRB91G Available
18. IBM PowerVM: Advanced Topics in virtualization, WRB92G Available
19. IBM zEnterprise Technical Overview, WRZ01G Available
20. IBM z/OS Technical Update, WRZ02G Available
21. IBM Parallel Sysplex and High Availability, WRZ03G Available
22. IBM DB2 for z/OS and Query Accelerator, WRZ04G Available
23. IBM z/OS Networking Technologies Update, WRZ06G Available
24. IBM zPDT System, WRZ11G Available
25. IBM ITSO POWER8 Technology and Systems Technical Deep Dive, WRZ13G Available
26. Using IBM z/VM Latest Version and IBM Linux on System z Advanced Topics, WRZ15G Available
27. IBM Wave for z/VM and Linux on System z Virtualization, WRZ16G Available

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