Simplifying Mainframe Data Access with IBM InfoSphere System z Connector for Hadoop

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Published 17 February 2015, updated 20 February 2015

Authors: Philip Monson, Gord Sissons, Mark Simmonds, Mike Combs

The simple, fast, secure way to move your mainframe data into Hadoop!

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The IBM InfoSphere® System z Connector for Hadoop is software that provides fast and seamless
point-and-click data integration between mainframe sources and destinations (including Hadoop clusters
and other environments).
Customers can easily extract data from IBM z/OS® sources without the need for mainframe-based SQL
queries, custom programming, or specialized skills. After the data (and metadata) is in Hadoop, clients
can use tools in the Hadoop platform for processing and analytics. Metadata is preserved, so data can be
directly inserted into Hive for access through HiveQL (Hadoop’s SQL subset).


Did you know? For many, the IBM z Systems™ mainframe forms the backbone of mission-critical business applications and business processes, securely and reliably storing and processing massive volumes of data, day after day. It is estimated that 80% of the world's corporate data resides or originates on mainframes. Mainframes provide exceptional qualities of service, such as high availability, security, systems integrity, ability to handle mixed workloads and cope with unexpected workloads.

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