The Value and Benefits of IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Running on IBM System z

IBM Redbooks Solution Guide

Published 26 November 2014

Authors: Gord Sissons, Simmonds Mark T., Leith Victor


New technologies, such as Hadoop, use a map/reduce paradigm that enables parallel processing of massive volumes of differently structured data that is spread across potentially hundreds and thousands of nodes. This breaks down the analysis of seemingly unmanageable data volumes into small discrete analytics jobs, and then the reduced result sets are combined to provide the complete answer. This IBM® Redbooks® Solution Guide is intended to help organizations understand how IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights™ for Linux on System z® and other related technologies can help deliver improved business outcomes as part of a big data strategy.


Information is power if you know how to extract value and insights out of it. The more that is known about a particular issue, situation, product, organization, or individual, the greater the likelihood of a better decision and business outcome. Data is like oil because it can be refined and used in many different ways, increasing its market value. Unlike oil, however, it is a renewable resource.

Special Notices

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