IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality (Version 2.0)

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Published 09 May 2014, updated 12 November 2014

Authors: David Noller, Amaresh Rajasekharan, Paul Peters

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IBM® Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ) enables companies to identify when manufacturing assets need maintenance, not just according to the manufacturer's scheduled repair guide but also based on how the asset is actually being used every day. This helps to keep critical production lines running while also saving money, because repairs are always, and only, performed when truly necessary.

Today's production assets are routinely instrumented to collect and transmit vital data (operating temperature, duration, error codes, and so on). The PMQ solution uses innovative IBM integration and analytics products (IBM Integration Bus, IBM SPSS®, and IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence, and so on) to interpret the received data and create models that predict when a particular asset is most likely to fail or falter. And by extending PMQ to integrate with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems, the company can convert the solution's predictions into work orders for immediate action on the manufacturing floor. This IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide describes the PMQ solution.


The IBM® Predictive Maintenance and Quality solution (PMQ) uses information collected about products, processes, and assets to optimize maintenance schedules, production processes, and product quality.

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