Improve Design and Deployment of Processes Using IBM Business Process Manager V8.0

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IBM® Business Process Manager is a BPM (business process management) platform that helps process participants gain enterprise-wide visibility of business processes, so that improvements can be made quickly by those who know the processes best. IBM Business Process Manager provides a “social BPM” approach toward process design and management. This approach greatly enhances collaboration among process participants in the organization, and provides the power and robustness required for mission-critical enterprise solutions.

This IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide provides an overview and architecture of the IBM Business Process Manager and includes typical usage scenarios.


IBM® Business Process Manager is a comprehensive Business Process Management (BPM) suite that provides visibility and management of your business processes. IBM Business Process Manager supports the whole BPM lifecycle approach, namely discover and document, plan, implement, deploy, manage, and optimize. It also includes tooling and run time for process design, execution, monitoring, and optimization.

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11 April 2013

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