IBM FlashSystem in OLAP Database Environments

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IBM® FlashSystem ™ family is an enterprise-class flash storage platform that is ideal for delivering extreme performance with low latency for OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) environments. Analytical processing is typically characterized by a relatively low volume of transactions, but with complex queries that often involve aggregating data from within a data warehouse to perform decision making and analysis. For OLAP systems, a low response time is a strong measure of effectiveness. This IBM Redbooks Solution Guide explains how IBM flash storage systems drives extreme performance, cost efficiencies, and enterprise reliability to satisfy the requirements of an OLAP implementation.

Changes in the latest update as of 07/10/14:
-Updated to include the latest FlashSystem product functionality.

Special thanks to Ilya Krutov who wrote the first version of this Redbooks Solution Guide.


IBM® FlashSystem ™ storage delivers high performance and efficiency in an easy-to-integrate offering so that businesses can more readily compete in today's high velocity marketplace. Extreme performance, IBM MicroLatency™, macro efficiency, and enterprise grade reliability make IBM FlashSystem a powerful and cost effective tool for accelerating Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems and gaining competitive advantage.

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Publish Date
21 March 2013

Last Update
14 July 2014

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