Creating External Facing Web Sites Using IBM WebSphere Portal

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This IBM® Technote links to a wiki that addresses considerations for creating external facing Web sites by using IBM WebSphere® Portal Version 6.1.5. The wiki focuses on areas related to external facing Web sites versus topics that might apply to only internal facing sites.

The wiki begins with a brief overview of the differences between internal and external facing Web sites. Then it provides an overview of the factors that contribute to successful Web sites. Next the wiki provides more technical content related to Web Content Management and Web 2.0 considerations. Next a discussion is presented about the various UI frameworks supported by WebSphere Portal and personalization for the user.

This wiki includes an extensive discussion related to search and the integration of search engines. In particular, Section 8 covers site analytics and optimization. The wiki concludes with information about mobile device support. In addition, this wiki includes examples, window captures, and code samples based on various scenarios.


IBM Lotus® and the IBM Redbooks® publications development team have partnered to produce the "Creating External Facing Web Sites Using IBM WebSphere Portal" wiki. To access this wiki, click the following URL:

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11 January 2010

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12 January 2010

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