Memorandum To Users Subscriptions on System i

Published 06 November 2007

Authors: Hernando Bedoya


The System i support Web site contains a subscription registration facility. Through subscriptions, the user community can remain informed regarding system changes that could have a direct impact on their business.

This technote delivers a guided tour of how to use the Subscriptions for IBM Systems tool to establish a subscription to V5R3 and V5R4 versions of the Memorandum To Users (MTU) Preventive Service Package (PSP) document.

Written by Scott Forstie
SQL Team Leader
IBM Rochester


An MTU (Memorandum To Users) document exists for every System i™ operating system release, which describes behavior changes and migration concerns that should be understood by the customer. Like many other sources of information, this document is subject to change, as needed. The dilemma for IBM® is how to effectively communicate the changes. The Subscriptions for IBM Systems tool provides a new avenue for customers to selectively “pull” information changes.

The MTU is a recent addition to the Subscription tool. Many other interesting, important and topical subscriptions are also provided. The subscriptions are organized by operating system release. As customers migrate to newer releases, they should consider reviewing their subscriptions.

Each release permits the user to choose to auto-subscribe to new topics. For the recent MTU addition, anyone who was configured with the Auto-subscribe option would be notified automatically of any updates.

A valid IBM Web ID is required. There is no fee involved to establish an IBM Web ID.
After you have signed in, you can create a new subscription or modify an existing subscription.

To subscribe, use the following link:

Refer to the screen captures below to see how the registration Web site can be used to subscribe to the topic for "iSeries Memorandum to Users PSP."

The Subscriptions for IBM Systems tool provides an effective avenue for System i users to receive time-sensitive information from IBM. Consider using the subscription support to improve the operational effectiveness of your business.

Web site tour

  1. Establish IBM Web ID (not shown).
  2. Select the Product family.

  3. Select the Product area (iSeries® release).

  4. Choose notification form (e-mail or folder, as well as communication frequency)
  5. Enter a name for the subscription folder.
  6. Decide whether to select the "Auto-subscribe" option.

  7. Select the MTU document.

  8. Repeat for V5R3. All releases appear under the subscription folder.

For additional information about the subscription tool, go to

Special Notices

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