TotalStorage Productivity Center Topology Viewer

Published 19 January 2007

Authors: Mary Lovelace


This Technote provides an overview of the TotalStorage Productivity Center Topology Viewer.


Topology Viewer

Topology Viewer, which is part of IBM TotalStorage® Productivity Center V3.1, is designed to provide an extended graphical topology view of the physical and logical resources (for example, computers, fabrics, and storage subsystems) that have been discovered in your storage environment. For Topology Viewer to display information about the entities, the information must be collected by the specific methods that TotalStorage Productivity Center provides: discovery, probing, performance data collection, and alerting. In addition, Topology Viewer depicts the relationships among resources (for example, the disks comprising a particular storage subsystem). Detailed, tabular information (for example, attributes of a disk) is also provided. With all the information that Topology Viewer provides, you can easily and more quickly monitor and troubleshoot your storage environment.

Topology Viewer

The overall goal of the Topology Viewer is to provide a central location for viewing a storage environment, quickly monitoring and troubleshooting problems, and gaining access to additional tasks and functions in the TotalStorage Productivity Center user interface (UI) without users losing their orientation to the environment. This kind of flexibility affords better cognitive mapping between the entities in your environment, providing data about entities and access to additional tasks and functionality that are associated with the current environmental view and the user's role.

Topology Viewer uses the TotalStorage Productivity Center database as the central repository for all data that it displays. It actually reads the data in user definable intervals from the database and updates, if necessary, the displayed information automatically. Topology Viewer refreshes its views from the database every five minutes by default. This can be changed by right-clicking anywhere in the background of the Topology Viewer graphical view. This opens the Background Context menu. Select Refresh Settings and update the setting based on your installation needs.

Topology Viewer provides users with options to view their topology based on their work and in context with the fabric environment. Four primary entry points are provided: an overview that displays the whole environment in a summary form and three views, each displaying a Topology L0 View that is focused on the SAN as a whole, or on computers in the SAN, or on storage subsystems in the SAN. Unlike its counterparts, the TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.1 Topology Viewer employs a design approach that supports the concept of progressive information disclosure primarily to manage the scale and complexity that is common in storage environments today.

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