Tivoli Directory Server V5.2 Configuration Tool Problem with DB2 UDB 8.2 Fixpack 7a

Published 25 July 2005

Authors: John Ganci


The IBM Tivoli Directory Server V5.2 Configuration Tool does not work properly with IBM DB2 UDB V8.2 with Fixpack 7a installed. This technote describes the symptoms of this problem as well as how to fix the problem.


When using the Configuration Tool from IBM Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) V5.2 + TDS Fixpack 2, and DB2 Universal Database V8.2 + Fixpack 7a, we were not able to create the LDAP database. In addition, the previous failure log displayed instead of configuration options and there was no way to clear the log. The problem appears to be a result of an incompatibility with DB2 UDB Fixpack 7a.

To work around this issue::
1. Uninstall the Tivoli Directory Server V5.2.
2. Reinstall Tivoli Directory Server V5.2.
3. Reinstall Tivoli Directory Server V5.2 Fixpack 2.
4. Install DB2 Universal Database V8.2 Fixpack 8.
5. Start the Tivoli Directory Server Configuration Tool.
6. Create the Tivoli Directory Server LDAP database.

Special Notices

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