Reduce File Size of Rational Application Developer V6 Project Interchange File Containing an EGL Web Project

Published 04 May 2005

Authors: John Ganci


This technote discusses reducing the file size of the EGL RAD 6 Project Interchange file.


Project Interchange files are a useful means of packaging the contents of projects. Because the size of the EGL runtime library files are rather large, it is desirable to remove some of the runtime files before exporting an EGL Web Project to a Project Interchange file.

We found that eglintdebug.jar, eglintdebugsupport.jar, fda6.jar, fdaj6.jar were added back into the \WebContent\WEB-INF\lib folder when the EGL Generate task was run. Due to this behavior, we found that we could remove the noted files before exporting to a Project Interchange file, and thus greatly reducing the size of the file. For example, when using this technique our sample Project Interchange file was reduced from 15 MB to 800 KB (and this is good).

For more information, refer to the Developing Web applications using EGL chapter of the Rational Application Developer V6 Programming Guide, SG24-6449.

Special Notices

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